Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Fox And I Meet Death

My Fox And I Meet Death
© Surazeus
2016 11 29

Two white owls in the oak tree breathe my soul
and young Chinese woman in long red dress
plays enchanting tunes on wood violin
that leads me through groves of Broceliande
while my fox and I meet Death in the park.

The red fluorite that glows with starlight blood
which I found under lush mountain in France
reveals history of the whole universe
in pulsing flash that blinds my eyes with truth
so my fox and I meet Death in the cave.

The banker clown in genteel pinstripe suit
whose face is painted white with desert dust
watches blind slaves in cave of Pluto claw
through infinite fear for light clumped in gold
since my fox and I meet Death on the street.

The sons and daughters of Mermaid and Christ
build castles of bones on hills of despair
where I dance reborn as son of Sucellus
in sun-warmed valley where apple trees bloom
though my fox and I meet death by the lake.

The King of Clocks in huge castle of glass
turns away from the cracked mirror of truth
while Rapunzel warns him the peasants come
to behead the Beast who devours their cake
but my fox and I meet Death in the square.

All tyrants who rule on high pyramid
fall far from the weight of arrogant pride
though nations destroyed by war can rebuild
the Garden of Eden where apples bloom
when my fox and I meet Death in the sky.

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