Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Infinite Sky Of Hope

Infinite Sky Of Hope
© Surazeus
2016 11 22

Wind rises from valley of flowing stream,
springing from cracked bones of people long dead,
and dances on blind mountain of lost rainbow
then whispers her soul on apple tree leaves.

She crawls under thick bushes of taut fear,
pausing in shadow of suspended hope,
and nibbles berries hidden in sun beams
while wind chases silence in fluttering leaves.

Cold shadow of death swallows silver sky
when he pauses by apple tree at sound
of whispering leaves, but cannot see her face,
so he walks toward cave where she hides from rain.

Watching him climb toward her haven from death,
she runs on hands and knees to sunlit grove
but pauses in beam of sunlight through trees
and stares at water bubbling from dark soil.

Cupping hands in bubbling water, she drinks
cold spirit that slithers throughout her flesh,
and feels her eyes sparkle wider awake
as she splashes water to clean her face.

Gripping long crooked stick in her left hand
and clutching jagged stone in her right hand,
she walks toward secret cave of dancing dreams
while clumping hard stones inside her frail bones.

She pauses in shade while creeping toward cave
and remembers when her mother revealed
how to spark sun flame by striking two stones,
then peers inside cave where her frail skull still smiles.

She sees him sitting still inside her cave
and holding ripe apple in curious hands
then leaps forward and throws rock at his head
as she thrusts crooked stick to pierce his chest.

He ducks sharp rock and snaps stick with his hand,
then wraps both arms around her agile waist
and pulls her gasping close to his broad chest
while pressing his mouth tight against her mouth.

Pulling her head back, she wiggles and squirms,
but his arms embrace her to his warm chest,
and she gazes startled in large blue eyes
that shimmer bright as bubbling fountain pool.

He sings like swift horse that neighs when it runs,
expressing noises from his moving mouth,
but she slips free of his embrace and runs,
leaping down hillside like high-bounding deer.

He runs beside her across wind-swept plain,
two bodies leaping lithe among tall stalks
of wheat that shimmer gold in sharp sunlight,
side by side on shore of loud gushing stream.

He runs faster, but she frowns and runs faster
toward towering tree where apples bloom red,
and sunlight gleams in blaze of swirling flames
as she runs faster, leaving him behind.

Running close behind, he slaps her thigh,
and she glares as she leaps into tree branch,
and climbs toward blue sky while he pants for breath,
then he follows swiftly to climb tall tree.

Perched together on high branches, they smile
and gaze over vast meadow where winds play,
while silver clouds tumble across blue sky
and swift river sparkles in sunset glow.

Cradled between two thick branches, he smiles,
and holds her trembling in chill on his lap,
then she gasps when beaming rays of red sun
penetrate her heart with hot pulsing light.

Crescent moon descends from infinite sky
to shimmer silver in dark purple night,
and shooting star gushes fountain of light
that flushes her breast with warm glow of love.

She closes her eyes, embraced by his arms,
and feels him swim deep toward her dreaming eye
where pulsing apple of his soul transforms
into little boy who squirms in her mind.

Her belly bulges nine full flashing moons,
then she grips branch, while he kneels at her feet,
and pushes till baby falls in his arms,
and she lies in grass while he bathes it clean.

Cradling their child in her arms while he sucks
milk from her breast, she stares surprised to see
he was born with no tail and his big eyes
shine blue as the infinite sky of hope.

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