Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fall Of Big Brother

Fall Of Big Brother
© Surazeus
2016 11 23

The young boy sitting on cathedral steps
holds silence in his hand like butterfly
that tasted rotten fruit of paradise
while angels lock the Gates of Eden fast
and parties battle for the broken crown
that fell from head of his father at dawn.

Though she was stabbed seven times in the back
the honest queen who filled all cups with wine
falls weeping at the tree of fruitful life
and clutches broken dragon egg till rain
washes tears from eyes of mothers who sing
while bearing dead angel with broken wing.

Retrieving broken egg from withered hand,
young boy who never speaks walks slow alone
through winding labyrinth of burning town
and gives each weeping girl new apple seed
so they parade to bright river of tears
and plant each seed to bury blinding fears.

Where tree leaves whisper secret names in song
of every soul who ever walked this world
the young boy holding broken crown of truth
stares past the polished mask of painful death
at skulls of kings that smile in shimmering pool
who once raised scepter of justice to rule.

Bound to the electric throne of lost dreams,
the young boy guides gold flying saucer swift
above vast globe where billions live and die
to watch mankind sprout from valley of hope
and follow streaming rivers among flowers
where they build great empires in divine towers.

In ruins now lies every tower of might,
and young boy, trained by his mother to speak
with tongue of prophets, wanders busy streets
where people wound by clocks chase rainbow wealth,
and thieves in fancy suits forge their own crowns
while girl he loves lies dead in satin gown.

Though every seed they planted in despair
sprouts tall in fragile grove of apple trees
ten million girls are killed by men they love
and all their skulls in cathedral of lies
sing secret prophecies that none can hear
while mute boy stares at lost crown in the mere.

Since face of Big Brother on glowing screen
glares down from the ancient cathedral wall
three hundred million people without tongues,
who follow Plato from dark cave of lies,
climb the high prison wall to escape hell
and follow blind queen to the water well.

Digging for roots beneath the Tree of Life,
the young boy whose father once ruled as king
snatches the tongue of the serpent who sings
and slips it in his mouth as his own tongue,
then stands before the tyrant on his throne
and bids him peer into the dreaming stone.

The girl whose third eye births each butterfly
appears from Waste Land with the egg of life
to replace his right eye with diamond lens,
then young boy raises flag of liberty
and leads lost souls to gates of paradise
where they crown our first mother Queen of Truth.

Though our nation is torn apart by war
we must exercise our right to free choice
for when our queen steps through the White House door
at the fall of Big Brother we rejoice.

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