Monday, November 7, 2016

Atomic Weaving Eye

Atomic Weaving Eye
© Surazeus
2016 11 07

When I investigate the maze of life
I see my face mirrored in every eye
so I surf emotions to evade strife
and soar on angel wings through boundless sky.
We continue to grow when we ask why,
and calculate atomic weaving eye.

Each person I perceive on winding road
appears complete in flash of dreaming light
so I pause to analyze their real mode
and comprehend energy of their sprite.
We evolve beyond lies when we ask why,
and nominate atomic weaving eye.

I photograph their souls with beaming words
that map the contours of their flashing brains
so I blaze trail of truth through tangled yards
to play roles in dramas on psychic plains.
We sail changing sea waves when we ask why,
and navigate atomic weaving eye.

My eyes explore the secrets of that mask
time molds from taut emotions in each face
that carves character with lust of the task
each soul expresses to paradise space.
We transform into god when we ask why,
and dominate atomic weaving eye.

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