Monday, November 7, 2016

Two Souls In One Rhyme

Two Souls In One Rhyme
© Surazeus
2016 11 06

Sunlight beams gold on contours of her face
which mirrors nations from every world land
all mixed together from each fertile space
where humans caress Earth with loving hands.

Perched high on rock above the verdant vale,
I watch blue river sparkle in sun beams
while girl I love climbs flower-bordered trail
to sit with me and share our secret dreams.

My love has long black hair and moon-black eyes
and lives with her tribe tending apple trees,
while I have gold hair and eyes blue as skies
and live with my tribe herding swift horse herds.

We pledge our hearts to love with binding kiss
then build new home on high dividing ridge
so we raise children in united bliss
to link our nations with connecting bridge.

Together we ride horses on broad plain
to scatter apple seeds in pungent soil
then sing together sheltered from cool rain
while sharing feast as rich fruit of our toil.

Though we will die in ceaseless change of time
and rival clans kill each other in war
our children blend two souls in one rhyme
and offer food to all with open door.

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