Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fall Of Lucifer

Fall Of Lucifer
© Surazeus
2016 11 04

When I sat on shimmering throne of gold
in towering castle built of hard stone,
and issued commands with words of hot breath
that men wielding swords obeyed without question,
I reigned over people as God on Earth
because I felt invincible and secure.
But now that I wander outside high walls
alone without scepter or jeweled crown,
stripped of my robe that warmed my beating heart,
staggering on roadless field of sharp rocks
on quest for key to open castle door,
and every word I speak of sharp command
is blown away by blasting wind that howls
with bold laughter at my arrogant pride,
I see that I am no god with great power,
but frail mortal man like all other men.
How now shall I survive in hostile world
of natural forces that care not for me,
whether I live or die, suffer harsh pain
or savor subtle pleasure when I wish,
since I never learned how to obtain food
with creative gestures of my own hands,
that essential ingredient that sustains
vibrant energy of all living souls?
From feasting on roasted meat and sweet wine
at large table heaped with plates of fresh fruit,
I fall to crawl among weeds in vain search
for nuts and berries and seeds I could chew,
chomping on onions and carrots and beets,
and gulping water from pond that reflects
my glorious face that shone with divine grace
now smeared with blood-stained mud of humble fear.
Though once I ruled from lofty tower of pride,
I now rule the whole globe while sitting low
among flowers on shore of gushing stream,
commanding sun to shine, and wind to blow,
and rain to fall, and plants to sprout from soil,
and birds to sing, so I rejoice with laughter
that everything performs as I describe.
Yet these forces of nature will occur
whether I speak words of my thoughts or not.
This apple I found among rocks and weeds
contains the glorious light of the sun
and the divine water of the splashing rain
so when I eat it I consume its power
that sparkles alive in this tingling flesh
which sustains the dreaming glow of my mind.
Though I have fallen from the tower of power
I find the power of dream shines in my eyes,
I find the power of words puffs in my mouth,
and I find the power of creation flows
from the manipulation of my hands
to change the shape of the transforming world
so its patterns reflect the world I dream.
I lost the illusion of my fake self
to find the pure substance of my true self
so once I ceased to play as God on Earth
I woke reborn as Man with hungry heart.
Now I can make the light of my heart shine
to guide all lost souls back to paradise.

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