Thursday, November 3, 2016

Alone Inside Our Heads

Alone Inside Our Heads
© Surazeus
2016 11 03

While Cinderella cries chained without hope
inside restaurant freezer on Maple Street,
the Jack of Hearts, dressed in slick pin-stripe suit,
gambles her soul in casino of pride,
but we are all alone inside our heads,
dancing like blind puppets from handless threads.

Who remembers the soft faces and names
of a thousand children who died in cars
while their parents chased fleeting dollar bills
like butterflies lost in labyrinth of lies,
since we are all alone inside our heads,
sliding ice mountain toward death on swift sleds.

Why the pregnant mother with three young kids
waved her fear as a gun at grim police
who shot her dead to neutralize despair
none can explain while they cheer winning team,
though we are all alone inside our heads,
celebrating the famous newlyweds.

When Robin Hood returns from failed crusade
to crown the Son of God on pyramid
of broken skulls, who will steal from the poor
and give to the rich who will steal yet more,
since we are all alone inside our heads,
defending justice against swift warheads.

Will Melusine reveal the secret code
hidden in the motions of our desire,
and lead Alice back home to Wonderland
before mist hides Avalon from our eyes,
while we are all alone inside our heads
where the glorious angel of true faith treads.

Would Hamlet, staring in blank eyes of Zeus,
write new law book in verse to explain how
we channel spirit of atomic soul
through vital energy of selfless love,
when we are all alone inside our heads,
standing in towers to protect our homesteads.

What mission of justice will be achieved
when Hiawatha leads ghost dancers to stand
defiant against the Joker and the Thief
who bury pipes where our dead fathers sleep,
if we are all alone inside our heads,
indexing natural flow of watersheds.

Melusine rescues Hamlet from his doom
while Alice leads Robin Hood to fruit grove
where Cinderella and Melusine plot
to crown Hiawatha King of Lost Souls,
yet we are all alone inside our heads,
dancing like mute puppets from handless threads.

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  1. That's where it all starts and ends
    Wonderfully composed