Monday, November 21, 2016

Liberty Or Tyranny

Liberty Or Tyranny
© Surazeus
2016 11 21

Three times we, the people of America,
have challenged and defeated tyranny,
and fought to establish strong liberty
for every person who lives in this land.

We fought well the war of independence
to secure our right to self-government.
We fought the civil war to free from chains
every man who works to earn a living wage.
We fought the second world war to defy
the hateful creed of nationalist power
that declares one race superior to others,
and ensure equal rights for every person
who shares global community of nations.

Once again cruel forces of tyranny
threaten to chain billions of human souls
in thrall to huge corporate gangs of thieves,
and subject vast populations to greed
of rich men who would profit from our work.

Every eighty years dark forces of greed
possess the hearts of men denied their rights
who attempt to subject all to their will,
but we must unite against tyranny
of the few and rich to control our lives,
and exercise self-control within law
to ensure equal rights for every person
to achieve their dreams of productive life
by sparking light of love for fellow souls.

Each morning we wake on our spinning world
we must choose light of love and liberty
to defeat dark of hate and tyranny
by treating all souls with equal respect
who share United Nations of Earth.

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