Friday, November 11, 2016

Tyrant Clown With Tiny Hands

Tyrant Clown With Tiny Hands
© Surazeus
2016 11 11

I see red lightning flash across the sky
and split the dome of illusions in shards
of gleaming mirror eyes that glitter cold
as rain that tears my heart in bleeding shreds.

I run through endless maze of city streets
between tall gold towers of computer banks
with teeming crowds of people shouting words
of protest that vanish in blasting wind.

I watch the giant monster with sharp teeth
rise roaring from dark surging sea of hate
and tromp on feet of greed to smash our world
while clutching crown of power with tiny hands.

I point my hand at shadow of despair
and howl new magic spell of honest love
that rips away steel mask of chomping teeth
exposing angry clown of fragile faith.

I rip away the mask Godzilla wears,
and reveal to all eyes how the weak soul
of Gozer the Destructor manifests
as the Marshmallow Monster of blind greed.

I join hands with my fellow travelers
and form one band from sea to shining sea
which links our hearts in ring of honesty
to fight the tyrant clown with tiny hands.

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