Monday, November 28, 2016

Temple Of Our Faith

Temple Of Our Faith
© Surazeus
2016 11 27

Though all the sacred temples of our land
may crumble broken from earthquake of greed
and leave us wandering hungry in cold rain
we gather at the hill of apple trees
and build again the temple of our faith.

Though all our trust in goodness and respect
is shattered when the tyrant kills our sage
we band together to combine our strength
then battle and defeat the greedy king
and thus restore the temple of our faith.

Though our belief in god who dwells in clouds
to guard our lives and guide us on true way
dissolves in rain of disillusionment
when he fails to defend our lives from harm
we trust sage who builds temple of our faith.

Though our invisible god in the sky
fails to help us in our great hour of need
the living sage who stands before our eyes
and speaks the word that leads us all safe home
earns our strong loyalty and honest love
and leads us well in temple of our faith.

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