Wednesday, March 15, 2017

God Who Made This World

God Who Made This World
© Surazeus
2017 03 15

Racing nowhere on highway of lost souls,
I see plastic masks behind window glass
that angels who fell from heaven now wear
so I look upward at the blazing clouds
and search for Jesus on chariot of fire.

I see no messiah on flaming wings
descend from adamantine hall of gems
so while I think about that ancient tale
I see the real historical event
on which the old Christian legend is based.

Christians believe God reigns like a great king
on enormous mountain of jeweled stars
and crowned his son as Prime Mover of Earth
who became Jesus to teach selfless love
and fights Lucifer to save us from death.

When God crowned Jesus his good son as heir
his right-hand minister rebelled in rage
and angels of Heaven split in two camps
to fight spiritual war between good and evil
over who controls minds of mortal souls.

No supernatural conscious god of power
reigns as creator of vast universe
so this myth about war between two gods
of good and evil is based on events
of contest for power all human tribes play.

Two thousand years ago in land of Sin,
ancient king worshipped as god of the moon,
that strong man reigned on flat-top ziggurat,
declaring himself god who made this world,
and crowned his son to reign king after him.

Who was his loyal minister of state,
he appointed to judge cases in court,
that felt he should inherit the gold crown,
and thus rebelled against his mortal god
then conducted brutal war that he lost?

Cast down from heaven off high ziggurat,
rebellious messenger lead exiled gang
across the wilderness of hungry fear
to build new ziggurat on river plain
where he crowned himself god who made this world.

The Christian myth of god who reigns on high,
challenged by his rebellious minister
more qualified to rule than royal son,
describes a thousand empires of our past
that rose and fell in political games.

Instead of kings, followed by first-born sons,
we now elect to rule as president
most clever man who outwits other men
when they campaign across our diverse land,
convincing more to vote for him as god.

Instead of ancient dynasties of kings
who claim descendance from great divine god,
in frequent revolutions overthrown,
we conduct election cycle of choice
to control wild revolution of change.

Though from the population random men,
driven by ambition, try to win votes,
yet only men descended from those kings
who ruled our ancestors centuries ago
succeed in winning game of rulership.

Long ago we replaced proud divine gods
with arrogant kings claiming divine right,
then replaced them in turn with presidents
who must win our hearts with improvement plans
but then we vote them out if they should fail.

No more can men crown themselves divine gods
yet many try to assert strong control
by killing all opponents to their rule
but dictators cannot maintain bold power
without faithful support from common men.

Racing nowhere on highway of lost souls
I see faces of gods as mortal people,
whose belief, in false supernatural god
who made this world, perpetuates fierce game
of mortal men attempting to play god.

Why must we always have one mortal man
ascend to height of power on ziggurat
and play god as if he were wiser than us
when we could all live in communal peace,
equal citizens in garden of fruit?

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