Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Eve My Goddess Muse

Eve My Goddess Muse
© Surazeus
2017 03 14

While sitting in clear sunlight among trees,
where wind rustles leaves and birds chirp sweet songs,
I read long passage in Paradise Lost
that describes beautiful First Mother Eve,
her long flowing hair like vines full of grapes,
her body moving with elegant grace,
and her eyes where all the sparkling stars
of whirling time glow bright with blooming love.

Distracted from the stately lines of verse,
I look up and in large crowd of people see
Eve herself still walking alive on Earth,
gliding in halo of ethereal light
among the common mortals of this world.

I try not to gaze in worshipful awe
as I stare entranced by her radiant eyes,
amazed that such sweet elegance and grace
still exists in this world of ugly hate,
since for ten thousand years strong men in forts
kidnap all beautiful girls in the land
and keep them locked in walls of paradise
where they breed new tribe of royal elite.

Eve catches my eye and smiles with a wink
that dazzles my eyes with glamorous love,
then sits beside me on the wooden bench
and takes my hand to gaze deep in my eyes.

"I am a real woman, and not your muse.
Treat me like a human being with respect,
for I am equally human as you,
instead of staring at me with awed eyes
as if I were some rare immortal goddess
composed of precious light woven from stars.
Although it is true, I have to admit,
that all humans are made of molecules
forged in the furnace of the glowing sun,
but we both share those fundamental atoms,
so you are as divine as you see me.
Approach me like a human made of flesh,
and not some divine goddess made of light.
I am a free agent with my own will
and not some flawless muse without a soul.
I star in the drama of my own life,
refusing to play servant of your needs
in minor role as your helpmate or wife.
Allow me to play equal role as friend
in our shared drama of domestic bliss
where you help me as I help you the same,
both together side by side on long road
of companionship, bound with mutual love
to support each other in game of life.
Treat me like a real woman, not your muse."

Then, kissing my lips with passionate love,
that makes my mind spin wild with radiant truth,
my goddess muse rises on angel wings
and soars away over arching rainbow,
leaving the real Eve still alive on Earth
who ignores my smile as she walks on by.

Although she vanishes into the crowd
the bright image of her elegant soul
glows forever in the sphere of my eyes,
so I rejoice that Eve is still alive
in spirit of every woman on Earth
to brighten our world with her loving eyes.

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  1. What a beautiful story behind a beautiful thought