Sunday, March 5, 2017

Narcissus At Lake Of Eyes

Narcissus At Lake Of Eyes
© Surazeus
2017 03 05

When I leave well-lighted home after dark
and walk under stars half hid behind clouds
the voices and words that clutter my mind
streamed from television and internet
vanish to silence in infinite gloom.

I walk narrow path winding between pines
to stand on shore and gaze into black lake
that reflects infinite abyss of nothing,
and then, illuminated by street lamp,
my own face appears in mirror of night.

How like Narcissus I am God who looks
at mindless nature and sees my own soul
reflected back from shimmering molecules
so since I feel so conscious and awake
I wonder if vast universe is too.

I wonder if God is some Narcissist
who designed my mind that dreams virtual world
so he can see his own infinite soul
when he looks at me through my tiny eyes
that shimmer from bouncing beams of sunlight.

While staring at my own eyes in dark pool
I laugh and speak aloud so my small voice
rings out intrusive on the silent night,
yet we humans are God trying to wake up
from the tangled molecules of our brains.

When we look out at the vast universe
we see our own selves reflected back clear
in complex calculations of desire,
so we are Narcissistic soul of God
although no conscious God exists at all.

God is the reflection of our own souls
that we perceive when we open our eyes
 and gaze at the swirling mirror of time
so we invent the God we want to see
based on dark secrets of our aching hearts.

Through evening breeze the vibrant strings
of some wood harp ring from inside my heart,
so I walk through the shining door of time
and find Godina under ancient oak
strumming the harp of my heart with sweet love.

I see reflected in her glittering eyes
the conscious soul of God outside my mind
awake with conscious hope inside her mind
and as I gaze entranced at her bright face
I vanish in the weird spell of her words.

When she awoke from agony of hope,
and wove new vision in her dreaming mind
to beam bright virtual world on chanted words,
Godina became God of conscious love
and tuned this mind reborn inside my brain.

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