Sunday, March 12, 2017

Faceless Queen Of Love

Faceless Queen Of Love
© Surazeus
2017 03 12

I hear no bells ring in the misty night
though I make new mask for each soul who dies
and with old key unlock the door of light
that leads me to her palace in the skies.

I climb the winding spiral stairs of hope
and stand before the faceless queen of love
who dreams my mind inside her microscope
while turning her new horoscope above.

She slams my book and glares into my soul
that weaves my brain in web of galaxies
till I become one with universal whole
which reveals fate within our liberties.

When I look in the mirror of her eyes
I see that I am her and she is me
so I sail my ship under empty skies
on sacred quest across the twisting sea.

She proves to me with calculated spell
that consciousness of god glows in my brain
so when I stare down in the empty well
I sing till its deep void is filled with rain.

I know it seems I dance swift through the maze
of legends kept obscure by secret codes,
but follow numbers that explain each phase
when we hold hands and walk on signless roads.

She whispers in my ear each word to write
but fragrance of her breast enchants my mind
so I explain the secret of her rite
that wakens me to truth though I was blind.

Though empires rise and fall in waves of power
and mortal men are fools when they play god,
I hide inside the shadows of my tower
and seek the way that transforms lead to gold.

My beating heart expands to embrace all
who walk the naked Earth in search for truth
explaining why we need to build new wall
and worship god who hides in temple booth.

I sit in cave of shadows all alone
and chant new spells in language no one knows,
then carve First Mother from white ringing stone
whose role is played by nameless girls in shows.

What secret will you find inside my heart,
she whispers in my eye with lips of rose,
so bring me apples heaped in four-wheeled cart
then brew sweet cider while you sing with crows.

Though no one understands these spells I sing,
I follow my queen in her labyrinth
where her true kiss repairs my broken wing,
my faithful bride of purple hyacinth.

When we first meet on shore of singing stream
we share the weird tales of our separate lives,
then walk together on road of our dream,
recording songs for her temple archives.

What madman sits alone in sunless gloom
and scribbles letters on frail fractured leaves,
recording play of creation to doom
that captures essence of what he perceives.

I hear new bells ring in the crystal night
so I crack old mask for each soul who dies
and with world globe reveal the beams of light
that mold model of the world in our eyes.

When singing angel appears at my side
she offers new-bound book of ancient tales
so I reveal cave where the mad king hides
who measures success on accoutred scales.

The faceless queen of love transforms my soul
from eyeless sperm who swims in sea of dreams
through each stage of evolution control
so almost god I follow gushing streams.

I obfuscate the story of my life,
traveling the land sea to shining sea,
and how on misty isle I met my wife
who builds the temple where we all dance free.

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