Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lone Singer

Lone Singer
© Surazeus
2017 03 11

While drifting half asleep I think I hear
enchanting voice of sweet beautiful girl
shimmer on the air that inspires my soul,
so I walk through the crowded city streets
past time portal to find myself before
this present world one hundred years ago.

I follow invisible road of hope
to ancient tree that glows on lonely hill
and there I see grandmother of my grandmother
singing to herself in bright timeless sun.

Eyes gazing at the blue sky shining bright,
she sings wordless melody of desire
that stops the harsh relentless flow of time,
and dreams the Earth suspended in gold beams,
so change slows down, and every pulsing flash
of vibrant life throbs in tune with her heartbeat.

She sings to nobody so none can hear
heart-aching melodies of lust for life,
though vision of her mind beams in halo ring,
but she cares not that anyone might hear,
while echoes of her song vanish in wind,
and sings whether anyone hears or not.

The lone singer leaves her spirit behind,
singing forever under fruitful tree,
and her ancient song still reverberates
across the silent emptiness of time
though she herself crumbled away to dust
long before I was born from her lost song.

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