Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ship Bound From Hell To Heaven

Ship Bound From Hell To Heaven
© Surazeus
2017 03 11

While steering old wood ship on surging waves
far from the solid foundations of land,
the blind captain mumbles about gray clouds
that hide the glowing eye, that spy of God,
from watching his quest to discover way
for escaping from Hell and finding Heaven.

"Each object that exists down on this world
I know is temporary toy of dust
modeled on eternal original
that God designed while dreaming in deep sleep
and all will vanish when he wakes from death
so escape from Hell so we can find Heaven."

Howling winds from arctic mountains of ice
toss his tiny fragile ship on huge waves
that swirl around the bottomless abyss
which gapes from yawning mouth of hungry god
who swallows all living souls down in death
which escape from Hell but cannot find Heaven.

Looming black through gusting winds of moonlight,
towering rock capped by castle of white bone
bursts from darkness at naked lightning flash,
but then evaporates in swirling mist
imposing limits on infinite light
showing how to escape Hell back to Heaven.

Then old blind captain with two burning eyes
turns and stares into vacuum of my soul
and traces outline of vast galaxy
that sprawls across the limitless expanse
of my brain to birth billions of new worlds
that transform landscape of Hell into Heaven.

"I gave you wings, woven from angel feathers,
to fly beyond the spinning top of Earth
and gather lilies on the moon while Death
reveals the Jewel of Love that pulses red
within the cavern of your hungry heart
so you can transform Hell back into Heaven."

With wild enchanting tune of lucid laughter,
while surfing waves on vertigo of bliss,
I wake with sparkling flash of aching hope
and open my left hand to show two dice
which I toss in the game of life and death,
hoping to win key for both Hell and Heaven.

"One toss of the dice cannot reveal truth
even when cast in timeless circumstance
against the shipwreck of your maudlin life
for only in the abyss of your mind
can you play god and create fertile worlds
by transforming Hell into fertile Heaven."

Breaking through shipwrecked coffin of lies,
that formed the cradle where I woke in dream
and watched gold curtains flowing in sunlight,
I explore pathless forest to dark cave
where young witch with black eyes waits for my song
that describes nature of both Hell and Heaven.

I dip gold grail of my heart in cold fountain
and place it shining bright in her red hands,
so she drinks hot blood gushing from my heart
and draws circle like God Eye on my forehead
so I can see past illusion of truth
that this real world mirrors both Hell and Heaven.

I give young witch, with long hair flowing black
like storm clouds flashing with gold lightning strikes,
two apple seeds that she transforms to girls
who walk beside me to the crumbling tower
and lay one feather each on cold hearth stone
because they know that Hell is also Heaven.

Returning to the beach where blind wolves howl,
I find the ship I built with bleeding hands,
splintered against the rock of true salvation,
still floating deep beneath the swirling waves
that burst from my eyes as lost memories
when I sailed on ship bound from Hell to Heaven.

The young witch scatters kernels of white rice
across the barren island of my heart
that flourishes lush with fruit trees and flowers,
and whispers in the seashell of my ear
the secret spell that wakes me from my trance
when I was reconstructing Hell as Heaven.

"You are my safe island where I sing free
so green within the deep blue swirling sea,
therefore I ask that you construct for me,
from the bones and flesh of your broken heart,
forged by fire of love, your own sacred key
that will open doors to both Hell and Heaven."

The red witch of the sea kisses my eyes
then gives me rose and peach to wake my mind,
so I embark again on broken ship
that currents swirl across the blue abyss
and sail back home to garden of her soul
where she reigns as Queen in my Hell and Heaven.

Blind captain of the broken ship spins wheel
and guides its fragile shell beyond Earth sphere
to white-sand beach where the king of the world
appears before my eyes in lion form
to give me secret jewel full of dreams
so I can design and build Hell and Heaven.

On fraught way of my quest for Holy Grail,
I find no prophet chanting in dark cave,
and no supernatural god on white clouds,
for I find nothing more than my own soul
and woman I love in garden of fruit
so we dwell together in Hell and Heaven.

Surviving wreckage of wild mindless storm,
caused by the random toss of dice from fate,
we sail together, holding hands with hope,
bearing books that relate history of life
in epic of humanity I sing,
and journey on ship bound from Hell to Heaven.

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