Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fools Of Eden

Fools Of Eden
© Surazeus
2017 03 09

When angels stand on castle walls
to watch our nuclear war
while Venus sings in waterfalls
and Janus locks her door,
I climb high walls of paradise
to steal its magic fruit
blooming from the trees of Eden.

Since angels catch me stealing fruit
and make me cull the weeds,
I hear sweet Venus play her flute
while I plant apple seeds,
so I sneak in her room at night
and wake up kissing light,
locked behind the gates of Eden.

I find old king inside dark room
pretending he still rules,
so we escape his silent tomb
to educate his fools,
but they all try to take me down
when he gives me his crown,
to map all the fields of Eden.

I organize fast-running boys
in clever gang of thieves
who raid the villages of toys
and dress in gilded sleeves,
then dance with girls by fountain pools
while I invent new tools,
employed by the fools of Eden.

We build machines that zoom on wheels
so fast across the land
that space is warped by movie reels
and time whirlpools like sand,
and people evolve robot brains
where cities shine in rain,
crushing paradise of Eden.

I find Orpheus by the gate
who wields the sword of flame
then teaches me to play his lyre
to code new social game,
so I leave walls of paradise
to prophesy empire
that may repair the gates of Eden.

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