Thursday, March 9, 2017

Slavery And Liberty

Slavery And Liberty
© Surazeus
2017 03 09

Descended from Anne Bradstreet, Puritan Poet,
I am related to noble John Brown
who fought to abolish vile slavery
by leading revolution to break chains
and free all people to live in liberty.

Descended from Henry Lee, tobacco farmer,
I am related to General Robert E. Lee
who fought to protect his home state Virginia
that operated based on slavery,
but surrendered his sword of civil war
and accepted liberty of all people.

Related to both social legacies
I embody in white male privilege
opposing world views that will always clash
in cosmic conflict between light and dark
which defines history of United States
since twin brothers Remus and Romulus
fought over who would reign as Jupiter.

I hereby stand in marble cupola
that shines on rooftop of Capitol Hill,
erected on the ranch my fathers owned,
bearing Scales of Justice like Artemis,
and Sword of Liberty like Minerva,
to present myself Watcher in the Tower
who tends the Flame in our National Hearth
as the first Angelus of Anglonesia.

Now taking off the gold mask of Apollo,
after striding across the theater stage,
I bow humble before applauding audience
and smile amused as I sign autographs,
then go with actors to the Pegasus
to eat burgers with root beer late at night
and talk about thriving theater scene,
then head out home to sleep as King of Nothing.

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