Monday, March 20, 2017

Conscious God Mind

Conscious God Mind
© Surazeus
2017 03 20

Caught in sparkling mesh of the world wide web
I surf spiraling waves that surge and ebb
with emotions of seven billion souls
to construct cathedrals on social roles.

Transformed by corrosive gambit of words,
I morph into robot with human brain
who slithers through loops of chemical code
to chant spells for weird alchemy of rain.

Carving polished blocks from mountain bone,
I construct on hillside new Oikos home
where my soul can dwell safe inside hard stone
and dream human history inside glass dome.

Floating on crystal lotus starship disk,
I glide around our endless spinning globe
on quest for proverbs to avoid the risk
of facing death without star-woven robe.

While soaring through webs of galactic brains
I wait for great Prime Mover to demand
I obey laws of physics binding planes
of vast multiverse in one grain of sand.

I see waves of effect ripple out wide
from force of my movement through flowing space
so then I realize I cause changing tide
and conscious God Mind hides behind my face.

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