Thursday, March 16, 2017

Reach For Stars

Reach For Stars
© Surazeus
2017 03 16

Sweet music flows in undulating waves
of special salivating sonic swirls
that spiral through springs of genetic coils
which spring as fountains from deep mountain caves.

I feel electric emulator flash
when eccentric waves of elegant spurts
propel my brain on blasting rocket wings
far out into vast void of spinning eyes.

On mountain peak of Starship Earth I leap
so globe of granular sparks spirals wide
through empty void by calculating love
on linear graph of rotating waves.

I surf crystal waves of ecstatic hope
across neural network of my flashing brain
where every moment of enlightenment
blinks bright to store ancestral tales of lust.

Each moment my ancestors woke from death
I dream alive in plays my minds compose
so I remember how well they survived
through role I play to generate new life.

Each god some world religion venerates
embodies new soul of humanity
preserving in acts of cause and effect
strict formula that teaches making love.

Each person elevated to tribe god
evolved beyond common crowd to transcend
bridge of evolution from chimp to human
when overcoming fear to become wise.

I worship every god of every tribe
for they preserve in drama of their lives
each step of evolution we attain
growing beyond ourselves to become gods.

We are Egg Eyeball in sea of waves
who sings while sprouting tail of wiggling sperm
and thus evolve four limbs on dreaming brain
to crawl from muddy lake and reach for stars.

Our brains generate, from visions our eyes
extract from spiraling waves of light,
small static model of dynamic world
so we can navigate ocean of change.

Oceanus teaches me how to shape
hylic matter of tree wood into ship
which bears us safe over chaotic waves
that leap as flickering flares of blue light.

Each flashing wave over bottomless sea
sings subtle melody of sharp desire
that urges me to express in mind words
clear vision I compose from beams of light.

Each face I see in labyrinth of life
preserves dreams all their ancestors conceive
on journey of evolution we map
from sea in stream down lake up tree on hill.

I roll large stones to form surrounding ring
that I extend as walls of paradise
that I raise as tall tower where I keep watch
and sing spells to guide souls through my mind maze.

From sea womb I crawl river beam of light
and rise from Lake of Dreams to stand on shore
where Mother Tree offers nutritious fruit
so I reach for stars while singing with love.

While our globe spins through infinite space
I sit still on green hill of timeless wind
and carve dream pictures on tablets of stone
preserving memories of human minds.

Countless billions of people who once dreamed
and walked the varied landscapes of this world
have lived and died in slow turning of time,
then vanished to dust though their children live.

Their brains glowed virtual model of this world
so they thought the whole universe of shapes
was itself great virtual model of thought
dreamed in the mind of wise omniscient god.

How laughable we fragile humans are
to imagine this wavering virtual world
that flickers in tangled web of our brains
does more than mirror the vast universe.

When we are small children we watch our parents,
giants striding across the strange new world,
and after they die we relate their tales
our children preserve as myths of their gods.

Grand deities and supernatural gods
worshipped by millions of mortal humans
were mortal humans whose virtual dream worlds
replicate visions in unthinking minds.

Those supernatural gods that people worship
spring as cartoon characters in our minds
from text of stories like flames spring from wood,
so our reading their tales keeps them alive.

While standing in pale yellow sunset rain,
after eating mushrooms Alice gave me,
I dream how I evolved from wiggling sperm
two billion years ago to become human.

I dream I wiggle in blue sea of eyes
toward shimmering red glow of hungry desire
and penetrate soft throbbing heart of hope
where I replicate one thousand new selves.

I dream I follow silver flow of light
up fresh-water stream to crawl crystal stairs
toward gleaming lake on glowing mountain slope
where I dance laughing in cool waterfall.

I dream I crawl on belly with four arms,
blinking in rainbow beams on shining mud,
toward star-glittering pool where I float in bliss,
tending eyes that sprout replicants of me.

I dream I climb huge entangled trees
and leap along network of winding vines
to pluck fruit, then cuddle with one I love,
sucking juice and kissing in white moonlight.

I dream I lose my long limb-gripping tail
and crawl trembling through underbrush toward sea,
then walk upright in swirling ocean waves,
dancing and singing as I reach for stars.

I dream I float singing songs of desire
in surging ocean waves along white beach
and stand on two legs to watch my large tribe
as we copulate then eat wriggling fish.

I dream I run with gang of chanting souls
and crowd in huge cave safe from thunder storm
to dance on dragon teaching us to sing
then roast long serpents that slip from her womb.

I dream we stride quiet on river shore,
gripping stick and stone as we hunt quick cows,
then roast thick steaks on flat-top pyramid
and dance chanting around hot roaring flames.

I dream I rise from Lake of Dreams at dawn
and pluck sweet fruit of life from singing tree
then pull little child from my beating heart
and teach him with song how to reach for stars.

I dream we follow cows across wide plains,
plucking mushrooms that sprout from pungent soil,
then dance around brilliant diamond of eyes
to share visions with breath-words of our mouths.

I dream my mother leads me through bright woods
and names every object with pointing hands,
and names every action with pursing lips,
then I sing vision I dream in her eyes.

I dream we tend fruit trees inside brick walls
where serpent slithers hissing among leaves,
but when we eat sweet fruit of knowing love
cruel father drives us from his paradise.

I dream we stack bricks on high ziggurat
where Ishtar brews sweet honey mushroom wine
then she chants songs revealing birth of Amen
who taught us how write dreams in red mud.

I wake from dream alone in purple mist
on hillside behind old house where I live
in Seattle, staring at the same stars
first mother saw ten millions years ago.

From moment of conception of each soul
in all my mothers and fathers who lived
I rose reborn again in pulsing flesh
and searched for soul to copulate again.

Since first mother eyeball egg of our soul
woke in the primal ocean of our world
we dream reborn again life after life,
all their memories glowing in our brains.

I know all their names singing in my mind,
awake in the long dream-time of my soul,
adding to the glow of my consciousness
as we reach for the stars and sing with joy.

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