Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Marriage Of Like Minds

Marriage Of Like Minds
© Surazeus
2017 03 14

Since rancid tendrils of laughing plants grip
dream-soaked sponge of my pulsing brain with lust
that spurts as sparkles of sunlight from rain
I grasp her hand and whisper in her ear.

"You are the living goddess I adore
and though I worship you as sacred muse
I feel emotions of desire you hide
that pulse with love from your octopus heart."

Pushing me on our bed, she mounts my hips,
and pins my arms outstretched like Christ hung high,
then sucks at pulsing fountain of my heart
to drink wild spirit swirling through my brain.

"You are the living warrior I adore
and though I worship you as divine knight
I feel emotions of desire you hide
that pulse with lust from your octopus heart."

We generate children who spring full-formed
from cracking shells of our exploding minds
who twist our souls in capes they wear to fly
and enclose dreams inside one great eye.

Sweet swelling jolts of electric desire
pulse through this aging shell of flesh I wear,
longing to be pure being who drinks warm light,
so I laugh as my body creaks with age.

Though we will die when spinning wheel of time
twangs thread of fate woven into our brains,
I savor each waking moment we share
to taste pungent flavor in fruit of love.

Relish with me sweet tangy aftertaste
of capricious sensation which extends
wings of our minds so we soar against wind
of solar waves transforming us to light.

Thus we will wiretap pungent ambiance
of seasoned spices sparked by hungry kiss
that strums vibration of pleasure we share
when we slow-dance in marriage of like minds.

This strange mystique of romance we ingest
models latest enthusiastic rage
of laughing liberty to savor love
which ensures new generations spring high.

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