Thursday, March 9, 2017

Castles Made Of Air

Castles Made Of Air
© Surazeus
2017 03 09

My mind will often dream in reverie
lives of my ancestors ten thousand years,
remembering how they struggled to survive
by dramatizing their actions and speeches
through intense scenes of social interaction
so I experience emotions and thoughts
that urged them to innovate how they lived.

One common theme that glows in many scenes
plays how they constructed enclosing walls
of wood or stone around fresh flowing fountain
to create secure paradise of hope
in safe haven where they could cultivate
fruit trees and nutritious herbs for their food
and protect thriving families from harm.

Each scenario always starts the same,
the eager gatherer waking at dawn
then wandering far from town across the land,
collecting material in leather bags
from verdant meadows beside flowing streams
with sweet blissful love for the natural world
where he dances and sings joy of his heart.

But then some vicious monster with sharp teeth,
fierce wolf, bold bear, or gang of greedy men,
will burst from dark shadows of jolting fear,
threatening to devour his fragile soul,
so he will grab the nearest stick and stone
to fight with brutal acts of striking force
till he defeats the monster of despair.

Heart pounding at horror of painful death,
he will return to his vulnerable village
and start devising ways to protect lives
by placing boys in ring with fighting poles
to form protective pale for cooking hearth,
then planting poles in more permanent ring
and soon replacing poles with blocks of stone,
with watchers in towers and guards at the gate.

When walls of paradise loom high and strong,
strict rules of behavior will be devised
as policies designed to enforce peace
with crowned king directing angel police,
and thus strong castles sprout across the land.

Ten thousand years around our spinning globe
major points of power appear on the land,
sprouting first at the mouths of major rivers
where they control traffic to inner lands
so River Gods begin the long process
of uniting villages into vast empires
controlled by mortal gods on ziggurats
who demand people obey them or die,
then holy books of religions are written
to deify Founding Father as God
endowed with Divine Right to rule the world.

Your god is nothing more than character
embodying spirit of the ruling man
who lives nowhere but inside our minds
yet symbolizes our will to survive
encoded in the myth of his success
at building walls of stone around the garden
where our children play free, eat fruit, and sing,
and I dream their lives while our world spins lost
in silent infinity of the Void,
safe within our grand castles made of air.

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