Monday, March 13, 2017

Adon And Astarte

Adon And Astarte
© Surazeus
2017 03 13

Young Adon strides with eager pace of hope
through lush garden of apple trees and herbs,
touching branches, tendrils, limbs, shoots, and vines
heavy with ripening fruit of sweet juice
that blossom from his hands in tender care.

"For many years, since I was a small boy,
guided by my mother through fertile groves,
taught by her attentive example how
to tender plants so they will flourish well,
I organized all fruit trees, worts, and herbs,
that sprout untended in fierce wilderness,
in square-plotted garden inside stone walls
that surround my paradise of safe peace,
secure against hunger of beasts and men.
My father, who long reigns as garden guard,
now brings from distant garden fertile girl
to live beside my hearth as faithful bride
who will transform my soul to little boy
so he will tend our lush garden of fruit
while I will play the role of garden god
like fathers and sons play eternal roles
for many generations in our land."

Approaching fountain grove through veil of vines,
lithe Adon pauses in cool shadowed bower
and peers through leaves to see beautiful girl
with long black hair, surrounding slender face,
skin red as apples shining in the sun,
perky breasts that swell with ambrosial milk,
and eyes green as pungent grapes on the vine.

Before he steps from shadow of the trees,
eager to meet her and learn her sweet name,
young Adon sees his father in gold crown
throw off his robe and try to grab her hips,
but she jumps away from his hungry thrust.

"I am Astarte, daughter of Inanna,
pure and honest priestess of the love goddess.
You must not try to fertilize my womb
since I reserve its power for my new husband.
When you came to our great temple of girls,
where Inanna trains us in arts of love,
to cook food, sew clothes, and raise children well,
you claimed I would be bride of your son.
You brought me to play his faithful wife
so I will let no man enter my heart
that he alone conceives children I bear."

Adon smiles with love at her loyal words,
and prepares to emerge to claim her love,
but stares shocked when his father grabs her hair,
jerks back her head that causes her to cry,
then forces her to bend down to his will.

Seething from rage that blinds his glaring eyes,
strong Adon reaches for a stick and stone,
to rush forward and protect his new bride,
but trips and stumbles in billowing heat,
then scrambles to his feet with angry shout,
looking up in time to see broken club
his father swings smack him hard on the head.

When Adon wakes and clutches throbbing head,
he finds his bride weeping by the pool,
so he lifts up her face with tender care,
wipes away her tears with caressing fingers.
"Sweet Astarte, my goddess of true love,
I heard you express loyal faith to me,
so I accept your love and give you mine
regardless of what my father has done.
I give you my heart with eternal love
for you gave me yours before you met me."

Gazing deep into her star-sparkling eyes,
he kisses her lips with adoring passion,
so she weeps in warm embrace of his arms,
and they snuggle all night by shining pond,
together under trees heavy with fruit.

Adon and Astarte walk in grove of trees,
tending plants as her belly swells with child,
smiling and laughing as they share life tales,
and when she stumbles from pregnancy weight
he grasps her hips with tender loving care
to help her as she waddles at his side.

Stopping by the pond where flock of swans glide,
Astarte presses both hands on his face.
"While I tried to resist his forceful lust
he overpowered me with aggressive strength.
I tried to save my womb for you alone,
so I cherish your understanding love,
treating me with love though my child is his,
since you could cast me out of paradise
but instead protect me at your warm hearth.
Like my mother I can bear many children,
for I was seventh of fourteen she bore,
so after this foul child of hate is born
lay it on the altar stone before dawn
and, though it wails in helpless ignorance,
sacrifice it with a knife through its heart
and burn it in flames of justice to ash
to punish your father for his vile crime.
He would win if we let his lust child live.
Once you kill this child of his faithless lust
I will bear many children from your seed
and we will raise them well with honest faith."

Adon gazes in her sparkling green eyes.
"I will perform your wish as you command
for you are the goddess of love in flesh,
and you create life with your fertile womb,
so you decide the fate of every child
born from your body by the seed of man."

When silver moon shines through the trees of fruit
Adon kneels before Astarte in woods
who clutches branch and screams in pain from labor,
then pulls the new-born child from her wet womb
which wails in the eagerness of new life.
Adon holds new-born boy in open hands
and hesitates while gazing in its eyes
that resemble his own when he looks down
to see his own face in still shining pond.

Astarte clutches his arm with a frown.
"You must sacrifice it on altar stone
because your father forced his seed in me,
and letting it live rewards his behavior,
so stab it dead and burn it in hot flames
before sentiment clouds your loving eyes."

Leaving Astarte exhausted on grass,
tended by three midwives who wash her clean,
Adon bears new-born boy to altar stone
where he presses it down with his left hand
while wailing boy wriggles to escape grasp,
and raises knife that gleams in silver moonlight.

Leaping from dim shadows with glaring eyes,
his father clutches his wrist tight and shouts.
"Stay your hand before you kill my son.
Though I brought her to play bride of your hearth,
I could not resist the sweet fertile scent
that emanates fragrant as blooming flowers
from the moist meadow of her tender womb.
Punish not innocent child for my crime.
Let this boy live and punish me instead.
Son of my seed, kill not son of my seed,
for this new boy is brother of your flesh.
Sacrifice me in place of this good child."

Adon glares into dark eyes of his father.
"This new-born boy should be son of my seed,
but since you forced yourself into her womb
Astarte commands that I kill this child,
and since as mother she decides the fate
of every child who springs from her womb
I will obey sacred law of her will."

Yanking his hand free from oppressive grip,
Adon thrusts the sharp blade with angry growl
deep into beating heart of his shocked father
who gasps in surprise, clutching at his chest,
and staggers to fall at foot of old tree
where his gushing blood soaks its thirsty roots.

Staring in the eyes of his baby brother,
Adon sighs in anguish at aching loss
of both father and brother for his crime,
then stabs his chest and burns him in hot flames
till ash of his flesh and bones swirls in wind.

Adon and Astarte walk hand in hand
in garden grove where trees hang ripe with fruit.
Astarte kisses both his hands and smiles.
"One cycle of seasons in life and death
has passed since you sacrificed that foul child,
and slew your father when he tried to stop
your just administration of my law.
Now you are god inside these garden walls,
guardian over our secure paradise,
since you rebelled against your father god
and overthrew tyranny of his lust
with bold intention of most noble goal
to establish yourself sovereign of Heaven.
Because you reign secure on throne of Heaven
and my body healed from bearing his child,
the time is ripe in changing of the seasons
for you to insert your seed in my womb
and fertilize my heart with sacred lust
so I may reincarnate your noble soul
and mold your spirit in your reborn son.
Treat him with honest respect of true love,
and oppress him not like your father did you,
and he will never try to overthrow you,
and instead obey you with calm respect.
Treat others how you want them to treat you."

Behind the shining gates of paradise
within secure walls of Heaven at dawn,
Adon and Astarte stand beneath tree
where apples gleam in beams of gold sunlight,
and kiss with sweet pleasure of mutual love
while birds twitter among wind-rustling leaves
then make sweet love with passionate desire.

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