Thursday, September 1, 2016

Entire Earth Awakes

Entire Earth Awakes
© Surazeus
2016 09 01

Since I can read the secrets of dead angels
written in the tangled branches of trees,
where birds who can read my mind weave words
of shining wires across the winter sky,
I take out both my eyes of frozen tears
and give them to you so you can read code
of dancing hieroglyphs on ancient scrolls
and write the epic tale no one will read.

Without a map or glasses, forged by fire
of sacred altars in Mithraeum gloom,
I wander ancient palaces of doors
that open on ten thousand secret worlds
enclosed in walls of ancient human towns
whose names and histories of deeds were lost
and never written in the Book of Life
on fruitless quest to discover your garden.

I recruited every lost boy I found
wandering without goal in woods full of ghosts
and trained them to twirl scepter wand of wisdom
in swift elegant dance of martial arts
to protect women and children from harm,
and so we built frail castle on high hill
where last Star Angel in tall tower sings
spells that design new meaning for vain lives.

We shatter the crystal shells of starlight
that long surrounded thick unmoving world,
and discover that our life-giving sun
is sphere of flaming gas that spins through space
at twelve miles each second in vast ellipse
around spiraling galaxy of stars
in time-flashing race toward oblivion,
so we dance and sing on hill of white stars.

Wearing white gown that flashes countless stars,
she looms over me in dark tower room
and sings ancient spells of pure river song
which I translate into small tree-shaped Runes
to photograph old vision of her eyes,
and then she casts tablets of songs I carved
in flames that transform our words into light
which you hear whisper from wind in tree leaves.

The number eight spirals around itself
on endless looping wings of natural love
which cycles through four seasons of rebirth
like two eyes that sprout bright from dreaming brains
when atoms pulsing conscious energy
are woven in neural networks of thoughts
to generate virtual world in our heads
so we dream one infinite multiverse.

If you can read and understand this code
go stand outside beneath the shining stars
and realize with bemused love for truth
no consciousness glimmers outside our skulls,
for atoms pulsing in web of our mind
invents model of universe it perceives
and designs word spells to communicate
with minds of others born from one First Mother.

I wonder if the world wide web of wires
linking a billion computer terminals
is primitive nervous system of brains
that will evolve into one conscious brain,
huge crystal sphere enclosed in superdome
which will store all our photographs as dreams,
and ages hence remember us with love
when the entire Earth wakes, alone in space.

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