Thursday, September 22, 2016

Apple Of Vitality

Apple Of Vitality
© Surazeus
2016 09 22

When Robin Hood and Eve ride the White Whale
from the crystal heaven of Aristotle,
since Copernicus cracked open its shell
to reveal infinite space beyond bounds
of doctrine where spinning galaxies gleam,
will Moby Dick, chasing his lashing tail,
smash the dome where Saint Peter rules as Christ,
so I can eat the apple of true faith?

When Tarzan and Cleopatra escape
labyrinth of Pluto with crystal sphere
that reveals mystery of eternal life,
though I keep losing chess games against Death,
and leviathan lounges on ice berg,
will Odin return from the Underworld
bringing the scroll that Lucretius composed
so I can eat the apple of insight?

When Gollum and Astraea wake at dawn
and climb the stairway to lost paradise,
bearing cracked glass pitcher of honey wine,
then Gandalf emerges from his cracked skull
to fire flame of wisdom from wand of hope,
will Idun bake more pies on pyramid
of world dominion for the feast of crows
so I can eat the apple of desire?

When Caliban and Minerva appear
from mists of Avalon on horse of wind
to show me Runes she carves on skull of Godin,
after Helius teaches me how to make
strong wagon wheels from the Oak of Donar,
will Newton give me book of formulas
for brewing the sweet elixir of life
so I can eat the apple of foresight?

When Hermes and Kwan Yin drive pickup truck
that Chevrolet designed in Wonderland
to lead lost tribes of Scythians home to Scotland,
though Alice soars past on swift Jabberwock
to visit Hiawatha near Lake of Eyes,
will Gabriel visit me on Wizard Island
of Crater Lake with book on astrophysics
so I can eat the apple of creation?

When Phoebus and Epona teach me how
to tame and ride the planet-leaping horse
so I explore valleys where apple trees
sprout from the graves of nameless souls I love
on quest for truth across ten thousand years,
will Saraswati reveal to my eyes
magic of the piston engine at dawn
so I can eat the apple of vitality?