Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Apple Eyes

My Apple Eyes
© Surazeus
2016 09 08

Far over the deep sparkling sea of stars
I sail the boat I craft from singing trees,
following the dancing lights of midnight
to find the garden where apple trees grow.

Around my waist I wear the golden belt
my mother Hippolyte forged from gloom
and in my hand I bear the oaken staff
my father carved from mother tree of songs.

I dance on water over surging waves
and walk lush hills where flowers dance in wind
on nameless island hid in silver mist
to climb steep mountain slope of laughing bones.

On top the highest peak where rainbow gleams
through sparkling drops of rain I see the tree
of ten thousand branches heavy with fruit
that shimmers golden in eternal light.

I reach my hand to pluck the fruit of light
that sweetens rain inside its golden orb
when hissing serpent flutters rainbow wings
and strikes to bite my hand with poisoned teeth.

I snatch its neck and stare into its eyes,
black as cold starless night when lightning strikes,
and feel its lashing tail grip tight my arm
as flashing teeth of fear glitter with death.

"My father sang to me before he died,
only one god rules all things in this world,
and She is Death who gives and takes our lives,
but today I live, guided by her love."

I grip the dagger forged in cave of flames
and slice its throat, then drink its sizzling blood,
and feel the ancient spirit of elan
slither through my veins with flames of desire.

I kneel by mere in vale of broken rocks
and see my father gazing back at me
with eyes bright gold as sun in silver haze
to feel my heart beat wild as ocean waves.

I stand on mountain peak in swirling wind
and howl at thunder storm that strikes white light
then laugh, devouring apples of the snake,
and reach my hand to grasp the flash of truth.

"My name is Okeanos," I shout loud,
and all my words in swirling wind expand
till I become the thunder and the rain
and gesture of my hand sparks lightning flash.

"I am the king of nothing till I rule
the size and shape of everything I feel,
thus I will measure how the river flows
so I may drink the soul of mountain rock."

I scatter seeds of apples in the dirt
and watch their saplings sprout in pouring rain,
and kiss white blossoms blooming in sunlight,
and sleep in the arms of my apple tree.

My body melts into the soggy soil,
my bones become its dark-devouring roots,
my brain becomes its trunk, my blood its sap,
and now I watch you with my apple eyes.

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