Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kindler Of Stars

Kindler Of Stars
© Surazeus
2016 08 31

After many long quiet hours alone
in the library filled with printed books,
reading histories that detail the exploits
of noble kings and wise philosophers
who ruled a thousand nations and empires,
that sprouted, grew, thrived, decayed, and dissolved
on every hill and shore of spinning globe
over ten thousand years since man first rose
from lake of dreams and left the cave of fire,
I close the dusty tome of silent words
and listen to the beating of my heart
as I stare out iced window at vast city
of steel and glass towers which shimmers bright
after sunset, watch streams of metal cars
that beam two gold headlights in spreading gloom,
driven by brothers and sisters in flesh
through continent-wide metropolitan maze,
and chuckle when I realize every tale
written in books about people long dead,
lead by bold heroes blessed by divine gods,
are now fictions written by hands of fools
who dreamed fantasies from experience,
for lives of so many people who lived
vanish unrecorded in winds of time.

Nothing remains now but stars shining bright
in eyes of each new generation born
from mothers who taught us how to sing spells,
for all those people who died are now dust
while we who live this hour of spinning hope
contain in our dreams history of our souls
that migrate body to body each life
seed of father sparks egg of mother, love
generating new bodies for old souls.

So we stand, holding hands, on flower hill
in circle of eyes to lift our sight high
and sing praise to Mother who creates life,
giving thanks to Wartha, Kindler of Stars,
Mother of all creatures who dream alive.

We are the children of First Mother Wartha,
Kindler of Stars who teaches us to sing,
so we drink water of her flowing tears,
we eat bread of wheat sprouting from her breast,
and we breathe her spirit to sing new songs
as we generate children by making love
for after we die our children will live
and their children will live after they die.

Thus we live and die in cycle of love,
singing praise to Wartha, Kindler of Stars.

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