Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fake Butterfly Of Happiness

Fake Butterfly Of Happiness
© Surazeus
2016 09 17

I fall through the empty shadows of light,
chasing fake butterfly of happiness
that leads me through labyrinth of blank books
till I stand face to face in broken tower
with princess of justice who has no eyes.

She tells me with gadarene voice of night
as I strum the brass harp of hawkishness
that I must be her myrmidon of rooks
who brings her the most implacable flower
from bright sea where juggernaut angel flies.

I launch into Heaven bound to her kite
and drink Dragon Brain Wine of craziness
that helps me compose new sacred songbooks
so we can sing while we kiss in the shower
and play in ruined castle full of spies.

Though she cannot see me, her deaf shipwright,
she dances toward me with lithe jauntiness
while I catch dragons with heart-wrenching hooks,
then teaches me how to exercise power
and not to weep although everyone dies.

While dancing in mist she births our child sprite
who learns to hunt with clever craftiness
and talks with ravens on shores of clear brooks
where couples play chase in ancient lush bower
then gather in hall to eat apple pies.

The eyeless princess embraces me tight
and teaches me to be spontaneous,
though my brain was designed by laughing cooks,
yet leads me to my grave at our last hour
where we dream of stars under swirling skies.

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