Saturday, September 10, 2016

Door Of Rain

Door Of Rain
© Surazeus
2016 09 10

Though I see him vanish through Door of Rain
I dare not follow to our land of dreams
yet follow close his beating wings of pain
that lead me down road from high mountain streams.

I wish I could not be the wolf of fear
who obeys commands of the Raven King
but when I pause to gaze in the Star Mere
I see the Oak Princess with broken wing.

I turn away from cracked Mirror of Dreams
and out the window of your mundane land
I see her dancing in warm sun-gold beams
beyond steel empire I build with my hand.

After driving swift motorized machine
on asphalt highways to the ruined hall
I climb Rainbow Stairway to the Owl Queen
who appoints me guard of her Singing Wall.

I wave magic wand Merlin gave to me
to raise gods and heroes alive from books
and lead them to dance by the singing sea
while a thousand blind witches spell in rooks.

If you can find the key to Door of Rain
and climb the winding stairway to my mind,
ignoring illusions of lust and pain,
you may dream the new world view I designed.

On wings of light I soar beyond the shell
enclosing Earth inside clear crystal globe
to touch the stars, bright elemental well
that fountains atoms to construct world lobe.

I walk in Heaven of Ideal Forms
where concepts of everything that exists
persist beyond all change of timing norms
and animate life which God Soul subsists.

I dive back down to Earth on flaming wings
and wake in body of this throbbing flesh
that gives Angel life as Human who sings
embodied in brain of energized mesh.

I beam virtual multiverse with verse code
that flickers movie scenes within my brain
and quest for truth on one world-spanning road
that leads me back home through the Door of Rain.

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