Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lost On Kentucky Road

Lost On Kentucky Road
© Surazeus
2016 09 25

While watching lucent moon play hide and seek
with me among trees, I wonder amused
if the three laws of motion will apply
when I leap from high imprisoning walls
of heaven to journey long road of life
by your side, but I turn from your locked door.

Though everyone I ever loved is gone
from dream of this world, now dry dust in wind
that blows down from hills where forest of pines
once shimmered in rain, I stand in new sun
on rocky shore and stare at shining sea
where I see all their eyes winking at me.

I will smile soon and pretend we are free
because my father, who ruled me with glares,
is nothing now but skeleton and dust
in rotting box where oak tree sprouts up tall
from acorn that was lodged inside his skull,
but you are mute when I hold your cold hand.

We sailed across the sea of surging storms
and came to this strange land of silent woods,
but we still hunger and thirst as we trudge
signless road in search for new Wonderland
marked on the map the old wizard sold me,
but every road leads us back to the sea.

Though I carve ancient sigil of my house,
engraved on moss-covered stone of grand hall
where my brother lives in rich luxury,
on oak tree by nameless lake in dark woods
to stake my claim to meadows where lost tribes
lie rotting under roots of wheat, I weep.

I weep for the meadow where I once played
knights and ladies with seven pretty girls
who all starved to death in the recent war,
and wonder if their children still play free
among the apple trees by sparkling lake
where I sang hymn to beauty of her eyes.

When I left Scotland her hills disappeared
in mocking sea waves, yet they call my name
as I walk winding trail in rugged hills
of misty Kentucky, since everywhere
I look with aching desire her true face
appears in form of clouds that drop gold rain.

I know we all will die in turning flash
of endless days, too numberless to count,
but I will dance upon the hungry grave
of broken hearts and then assert my will
to taste sweet fruit that grows from pungent soil
of bleak despair, and name each child I sire.

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