Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fairy Queen Returns

Fairy Queen Returns
© Surazeus
2016 09 27

When laughing thunder cracks the crystal sky
and blinding light from divine eyes of love
illuminates bleak abyss of my soul,
I rise from fire-burned ruins of my home
and walk the signless road through careless hills
on quest to find the holy grail of truth.

Now that the vision of our world dissolves
and solid sphere long fixed at central core
twirls swift around the sun that hurls through space
around enormous crystal eye of light
I see that I am but one speck of dust
who dreams itself awake in flash of hope.

How small I am on minute globe of dust
and water that twirls through infinite space
where countless stars in countless galaxies
spiral throbbing hot in vast universe
that surges wild with waves of energy
through neural network of my dreaming brain.

Drenched in rain amid crystal towers of light,
in seething crowd of hundred million souls,
I see Beauty riding Beast in gold dawn
as Fairy Queen bears clean flag of one world
to lead us marching toward tall pyramid
where Ishtar crowns her new Empress of Earth.

Then from the darkness of horrible fear
the Knave of Clubs appears from cave of rage
and strikes to crush her skull with sudden blow,
but Queen of Hearts on angel wings of love
twirls Sword of Justice, flashing with pure light,
and slays the snarling dragon of blind greed.

Ascending One-Eye Pyramid of Power,
our Fairy Queen, who bears in both her hands
Sword of Justice and Scales of Equal Rights,
enchants our hearts with song of loyal love
that flashes visions through clear-worded spells
in revelation of her Holy Grail.

On flat-top pyramid I see three men,
Spenser, Blake, and Milton, in flowing robes,
who bear from blind Saturn the feather quill
of magic spells, carve Runes on obelisk
cut from black marble that record good deeds
of our wise compassionate Fairy Queen.

Then Ishtar grips my hand in shocking fear
and points to comet blazing red as fire
that strikes the One-Eye Pyramid of Power
and all the dynasties of ancient kings
are scattered lost when meteor of pride
strikes the grand temple of authority.

I rise from ashes of victorious war
and walk to river shore with bag of seeds
I sow in pungent soil to cultivate
apple trees that sprout from heart of my chest
and brew rich cider with cinnamon
and honey dripping from the Tree of Life.

No longer will we crown the sons of Christ
as kings to rule the nations of wild tribes
for every man and woman on this world
lives equal in communities of love
and yet we choose one wise person to reign
as Watching Eye on Pyramid of Power.

On arch of triumph stands the Golden God
who aims sharp arrow at my beating heart
and claims just right to rule with life and death
but I escape to wander desert vale
where apple seeds lie dormant in dry dust
and talk with smiling Horse of Liberty.

I found the secret of the Holy Grail,
sanctified blood that nourishes my brain
and generates new body for old soul
when seed of the father activates
egg of the mother to evolve nine months
through each stage of evolution we changed.


  1. I could hear the voice of the storyteller in this.

  2. Thanks, Martin. I appreciate all your comments on my poems.