Saturday, September 24, 2016

Vale Of Tears

Vale Of Tears
© Surazeus
2016 09 24

Though we are born into this vale of tears
the gold-eyed owl that waits in leafless oak,
illumined by the moon of your desire,
will teach me how to read the way of stars
so I may open wide the houseless door
and feel clear waves of light from molten core
of spinning world weave wings for me to fly
and paint the world I design in my eye.

No sign will point the way to vale of tears
where gold-eyed owl of misty midnight moon
peers through thick veil to pierce my secret heart
and teaches me to carve on planks of wood
thin Runes of Dream that imitate tall trees
which cradle honeycombs designed by bees
who pollinate all fruits we humans eat
at feast of fools in crumbling palace suite.

I cannot map the road from vale of tears
since gold-eyed owl transforms into my wife
who stands on pyramid of watching eye
and writes our deeds and words in tragic play
preserved in Book of Life she hides in cave
of dancing shadows flooded by cold wave,
so I escape endless underworld dance
and occupy empty church in weird trance.

In novel tale I explain vale of tears
though gold-eyed owl on television chest
returns from palace of the laughing god
who taught me how to fashion spinning wheel,
and since I drove swift chariot on vast plain
ten thousand years westward in cleansing rain
I stand wise now in field of sun-beamed grass
to measure spirit of atomic mass.

I build high walls around our vale of tears
while gold-eyed owl in hall of broken mirrors
reveals my secret face to all but me
so I design new mask to hide my love
and when the spinning world returns to spot
in boundless universe where I was born
then she will know loving heart is right
when we both die together in moon light.

We dance and sing in haven vale of tears
if gold-eyed owl encrypts arcane spell code
so none but she will know the secret way
through labyrinth of loyalties expressed
when I inscribe new prophecies in book
of truthful lies I leave by singing brook
which teaches me the secret of rebirth
since we are God who wakes on planet Earth.

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  1. I love how this is composed...
    The leaves of a Vale of Tears