Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mist Of Avalon

Mist Of Avalon
© Surazeus
2016 09 28

On dusty road in nameless western land
I wander mute among old twisted trees
that give no whispering leaves or luscious fruit
to quench raw thirst that gnaws my aching heart,
then kneel to gaze at clouds in foul gray sky
and long to dance in mist of Avalon.

While riding sad in sputtering car that spews
noxious exhaust which shrouds tall city towers
in stinking smog, I feel inside my stomach
disgusting fear surge through my wretched flesh
in nauseous waves at factory machines
and long to flee in mist of Avalon.

I stand alone on crowded city street
and strum old rusting strings of cracked guitar
with futile hope to tune my aching heart
with sweet harmonious melodies of love
but my songs are muted by engine roar
that drives me far from mist of Avalon.

I stand on roof of red-brick hall in wind
that blows from mountain frosted white with snow
and stare at hordes of people walking fast
on urgent business of profit, then gaze
back east six thousand miles to distant island
where I was born in mist of Avalon.

Four centuries ago in rich oak woods,
where fairies danced and elves sang charming tunes,
I stood by emerald stone near sparkling lake
to guard Star Queen in long white cotton gown
who blessed each person with her generous hand
and reigned with love in mist of Avalon.

I plucked ripe apples from the tree of snakes
and brewed sweet juice for everyone to drink
but when I wake today in grocery store
I hold tin can of rancid apple sauce
and mourn green groves of Salisbury plain
where apples bloomed in mist of Avalon.

While dancing on lush slopes of Sarum Mound
we saw wise Fairy Queen on white horse ride
in gown of shining silk and crown of gold,
but then her light passed far into the west
while still her sweet song lingered in the breeze
and vanished deep in mist of Avalon.

Yet now on noble lion of bold truth
the Fairy Queen returns with sword of justice
that flashes bright as lightning in the sky
to lead all people loyal to her wisdom
against the deceiver who steals our words
and reigns again in mist of Avalon.

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