Monday, September 12, 2016

Wizard On Wall Street

Wizard On Wall Street
© Surazeus
2016 09 12

I walk forever through cold city streets,
floating on gusts of wind from broken hearts
cracked open by soul-grinding wheel of time
that crushes all our ancestors to dust.

I stand alone, frail on asphalt highway
of ambitious greed for money and power,
surrounded by swarming flocks of dead souls
who howl in winter wind to snuff hot flame
of my spirit that flickers faint in blast
of arrogant ice inside my fragile skull.

"I am Wizard of Wall Street who returns
from Cave of Pluto with Secret of Life."

Trapped inside creaking shell of bone-frail flesh,
I clutch wand of wisdom I carved from oak
on mountain of dancing light, and push hard
with beating heart against cold gusting wind
that rips claws of hunger at my frail face.

I sing to silver moon behind rain clouds.
"Like Orpheus I descended to hell
and sang spells to enchant Devil of Death,
but he refused to raise my love to life.
I dance forever on Wall Street of lies
although my eye encloses ice-blue skies."

Dawn gleams gold rays through tree in city park
when I wake huddled under tattered bush
near brick wall, so I rise from cardboard box
as birds chirp in elm tree with fluttering leaves
that whisper voices of people long dead.

Sitting on wall, I strum on cracked guitar
and sing about blind princess in tall tower
as people walk past into coffee shop
and drop pennies in my hat when I bow.

Grinning through mat of tangled hair, I shout
at everyone who passes quickly by.
"What a wonderful day to be not dead.
We are all atoms observing themselves,
so we carve our memories on dead trees
and drink honey brewed from sunlight and rain."

Each car that whooshes past on busy street
transforms into robot with dreaming brain.

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