Sunday, September 11, 2016

Two Towers Of Justice

Two Towers Of Justice
© Surazeus
2016 09 11

At the falling of Two Towers in flame,
that burst from the eyes of the Raven King,
I carve on silent mountains my new name
so the Rose Queen teaches me how to sing.

Because I escaped from the Door of School
and blazed my own path in Forest of Tales
the Blind Princess calls me her special Fool
who measures hearts of men with balanced scales.

Before the Magician hides his true face
with the white Mask of Truth disguised as lies,
I will explain how swirling atoms trace
the dreaming Eye of God to form blue skies.

I climb the Star Pyramid of One Eye
where High Priestess gives me Scroll of Spells,
then weaves me fairy wings so I can fly
and journey home through labyrinth of wells.

On endless green steppes were buzz honey bees
the Empress rides her Lion through blue rain
till Raven King offers her White House keys
that opens door to visions in my brain.

Each man who sits as Emperor on throne
of honest justice, bearing Ankh of Life,
embodies Idea of God carved from stone
who stirs chaos to order love from strife.

In cave of visions, where flames conjure streams
of glowing iron from rock, to forge Sword
of Justice, the Hierophant who weaves dreams
measures globe of Earth with strong web of cords.

Holding hands as they kiss by Apple Tree,
Lovers conjoin two souls when seed sparks egg
to generate new soul by singing sea
since we evolve to gods from atom speck.

While three sisters of death spin wheels of fate,
I drive Chariot of Helius on wide road
through maze of city towers at high rate
of evolution to wise Man from Toad.

Though blinded by the laws of greedy men,
kind Justice, who can perceive truth through masks,
weighs balance of action to consequence
then assigns me to play constructive tasks.

I follow Hermes on the trail of truth
till Sage accepts me as Hermit of Code
and teaches me secrets of the Lost Sleuth
but leaves me to write spells on signless road.

I study how the world by physics spins,
soaring through timeless space on wings of light,
since Wheel of Fortune is bound tight by pins
that calculate process of blooming right.

Though trapped by lust in singing cave of fire,
my soul is freed by Lion Queen of Strength
who leads me to the Temple of Desire
that vibrates sweet from musical wavelength.

While hanging from the Tree of Life I dream
I fall nine days and nights from burning tower,
since I am the Hanged Man over clear stream
where I snatch letters of words to gain power.

Riding on the Pale Horse of the White Rose,
I slaughter kings and priests with flaming blade,
for Death will devour everyone who knows
meaning of life I spelled in garden glade.

Mixing water and wine on river shore,
Temperance teaches me secret of rebirth
and gives me child I fathered in her core
who conquers slavers to free all on Earth.

When Dionysus gives us wine to drink,
he chains our souls to pyramid of hate,
but we will break free when we learn to think
and chain the Devil who decides our fate.

Two airplanes, hurled by Hand of Jupiter,
shatter Two Towers with lightning strike of ruth,
but when I return home as Lucifer
I will rebuild it based on spell of truth.

Though all we loved is burned by fire of fears,
First Mother Ishtar, kneeling by Star Pool,
brings Water of Life that flows from her tears
and transforms me to Magician from Fool.

When wolves howl at the full Moon, I will rise
from River of Dreams and follow the road
between Two Towers that reach starry skies,
and scribe new spell books by the wagon load.

My son Apollo on the White Horse plays
hide and seek in the Garden of Delight
because the Sun weaves all life with warm rays
that beam virtual world in our mind with light.

No resurrection of our conscious souls
will happen after final Judgment Day,
so I write history of our changing world
in Book of Life that no man ever reads.

Our World is formed from pulsing atom whorl
that spins around the glowing eye of light,
and so I love the singing Apple Girl
who transforms my soul from spirit to wight.

The Lion Queen climbs Pyramid of Right
and reigns crowned in the spirit-swirling hall
when the Raven King deals justice with Light
long after dark hour the Two Towers fall.


  1. Each stanza is based on one tarot card in the Major Arcana.