Thursday, September 15, 2016

Starman Made Flesh

Starman Made Flesh
© Surazeus
2016 09 15

While slouching in the darkness of despair,
brooding on the betrayals and contempt
my family and friends hurled to stone my head,
I use to build secure wall of mistrust
to protect my sensitive soul from pain,
I hear strange man on the radio sing.
"There is a starman waiting in the sky.
He would like to come down to Earth and meet us
but he thinks he would blow our minds with love."

I laugh as I remember morning light
streaming through stained glass windows into church
that illuminates the tall bearded man
with long hair of compassion, dressed in gown
of purity and selfless love for all,
and how the preacher with black book in hand
told us how that man came down from the stars
and died to cleanse us of sins and mistakes,
then promised to raise us all from the dead
and give us eternal life on new Earth
where no one ever suffers pain or dies,
and lives for all eternity in bliss,
singing and eating fruit from Tree of Life.

I stand in darkness of my lonely home
and gaze long in the mirror on the wall
to see a man with a beard and long hair
dressed in tattered blue jeans and torn white shirt,
and then I laugh as I spread both arms wide
and declare loud to cockroaches and mice.
"I already came down to this weird world
and met myself in the mirror of truth
and now blow my own mind as I realize
I am the Starman waiting here on Earth."

I stare at cars streaming on the highway
to city towers where millions of people
play their parts in the machinery of business.
"Jesus was the archetypal idea
of the Good Leader for his tribe of people,
teaching each person to find soul of God
inside their own body and dreaming mind,
and to express desires through rule of law
to maintain health of their tribe and themselves
so we all thrive together through hard work
as we struggle to survive this harsh world.
Instead of the haughty arrogant leader
who controls people with cruel punishment
and claims to own them like cattle as slaves,
forcing them to work for his benefit
rather than their own rich enlightenment,
Jesus was the leader willing to die
for simple people he pledged to protect."

I stand before the closed door of my heart
and hesitate from fear of angry mobs.
"Spirit of the Loving Leader returns
every time the new leader of a group
decides to dedicate his conscious urge
to organize their actions in whole game
of mutual cooperation and trust
so they live well and raise new children right
by guiding them through wilderness of fear
past bleak waste land of contempt and despair
to build lush paradise with their own hands.
Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene
raised three children in a bright mountain cave
whose children ruled kingdoms of Europe they built
the past two thousand years of Christendom.
I left the house of my father on quest
to find the Holy Grail, and now I find
billions of us are the children of Jesus,
for he is dead but his genes live in us.
We are each one Jesus returned to Earth."

I laugh and dance with heart sprouting new wings
in my dark house in vast suburban maze
that spirals long from sea to shining sea.
"I will go to all the world and sing spells
to enlighten hearts of everyone lost
in loneliness and despair of crushed hope,
and preach the good news that Jesus is dead,
that all our gods and heroes are long dead,
and we are each one the Starman in flesh.
I will not stop on sacred quest for truth
till each individual person can say
with honest confidence of opened eyes,
I am the Starman, I am God made flesh,
and so are you, for we are all one tribe
descended from the First Mother of Stars."

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