Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Abyss Of Empty Words

Abyss Of Empty Words
© Surazeus
2016 09 06

With every flash of starlight through cracked glass
of perpetual plight, when angel of angst
blasts broken blocks of walls blind children built,
we leap through tattered veil of lucent haze
to follow dancing will-o-the-wisp of truth
back from awesome abyss of empty words.

We surf on undulating theory, far
beyond false world view everyone accepts,
through luminous structure of numbered faith,
disrobing doctrines of contempt for love,
to stand on one-eyed pyramid of power
after swimming abyss of empty words.

Along winding yellow brick road at dawn
I walk past blue glass doors of private banks
which fail to reflect face I painted clear
and find no court where troubadours and knights
sing praise to Eleanor of Aquitaine
whose boat I sail abyss of empty words.

I find divine beast slouching at midnight
past ruined temple of Jerusalem
to verdant hills of unnamed Oregon,
and harness tight its rainbow-leaping might
to fly three times around our spinning world,
reborn wise from abyss of empty words.

Though all the cities of our nation burn
in flames of civil war, destroyed by strife
of greed for fruit trees poisoned by foul mist
of sweet insecticide, our Lion Queen
will ride white unicorn of justice swift
on jet wings from abyss of empty words.

When we gaze deep in mirror of desire,
that spirals tight from Fibonacci Code,
we might see faces of gods we invent
that hang in ancient gallery of roles,
so should I play Jesus or Hamlet now,
chanting spells through abyss of empty words?

Cast out from heaven because I refuse
to bend knee of submission to contempt,
I dive nine days and nights on burning wings
and smash shining towers of steel and glass,
then build new temple of heroes who chase
atoms that weave abyss of empty words.

When spells of Nostradamus echo deep
through labyrinth of lies to melt gold gate
of private paradise, I stand before
Tree of Life and consume fruit of its wisdom
to comprehend process of history
with soul forged in abyss of empty words.

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  1. Well woven thoughts into tale. Thank you for sharing this.