Sunday, April 2, 2017

Serpent Of Apples

Serpent Of Apples
© Surazeus
2017 04 02

The green snake slithers in the apple tree
and explains to me the secret of truth
that I must glide through the forest with stealth
in search for the fruit of eternal life.

Ocean waves crash against cliffs of hard rock
and wear them down into beaches of sand
while fire erupts from deep crack in the sea,
constructing mountains that laugh at the wind.

The boy carving and sanding trees into planks,
while his brothers assemble them into ships,
stares at sunlight sparkling on the vast sea,
and hums strange tune in rhythm with the waves.

I place ripe apple in his callused hand
and, while he munches and polishes wood,
I tell him how I snatched the slithering snake
to steal its apple from the tree of life.

When he tosses the apple core on grass
I collect small black seeds that fall in dirt
and walk by the river gushing from snow
to find my secret spot in ring of stones.

I plant the apple seeds in pungent soil
and watch them sprout in hot sun and cool rain
then burst into blossoms as white as snow
while the moon flashes among twinkling stars.

Hundreds of apples swell ripe from black limbs
and on the smooth round surface of each sphere
I see the true face of someone I love
so I fill my basket with masks of souls.

I walk long road along the river shore
to stop by the well of every small town
and give apples to everyone I meet
while humming melody of flowing stream.

Returning to the hearth of my clan home,
I run to my secret grove in the woods
but find fourteen boys with sharp spears stand guard,
who block my way to the orchard I made.

People in wagons from far towns arrive
and give gold coins to my father, who sits
before locked gates, in exchange for more fruit,
which glitter bright in his large oaken chest.

I hide in the shadow of shocked outrage
and watch my father count more coins of gold
that glitter in tall stacks which hide his face,
then I run to the lake by cliff of winds.

Staring down at my face, reflected clear
in the wind-shimmered lake, I shake my head
and sigh that bountiful fruits of the Earth
are bought and sold by people with no eyes.

The snake that slithered in the apple tree
transformed into the man driven by hunger
to claim he controls the fruit of the Earth,
and he bit my heart with poisonous greed.

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  1. Ever notice in the biblical story; The first thing Adam did was blame Eve