Sunday, April 30, 2017

Face In Dark Pool

Face In Dark Pool
© Surazeus
2017 04 29

The old man gazes in eyes of his son
as they sit together by shining lake
under stars that gleam over mountain range.

When I was a young boy my father told me
that our whole world was created by God,
an enormous and invisible being
all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good.

This God we cannot see, he said to me,
is everywhere in the sky and the sea,
and in every land where all creatures dwell,
so he is the power of life in all things,
he knows everything that happens on Earth,
and he wants everybody to be good,
doing right so they give pleasure and love.

So I walked a thousand roads in this world,
searching to meet God who created all,
visiting cities sea to shining sea
crowded with people struggling to survive,
but found nothing more than lots of people
congregated in groups lead by strong men
who fight for power to control land and water.

After walking through a thousand cities
crowded with people suffering from disease,
wounded by fighting, or crippled by age,
I walked alone in empty wilderness
to escape anguish of meaningless death.

I saw no god anywhere in this world,
but I saw lots of angry violent men
surrounded by gangs of loyal followers
who stand on high hills with weapons of death
and claim to be true god who rules all people.

None of those men who claim to be a god
have any power except when they speak words
and other people obey their commands,
none of them know anything that occurs
except what they see with their searching eyes,
and few of them are good in how they treat
common people as slaves of their blind will.

While wandering lost in waste land of fear,
I pictured good king who treats people well,
instead of king who controls other people,
respecting their rights to follow their will,
guiding them to express creative crafts,
and assigning them roles based on their skills
to support wealth of their community.

Alone at the end of the world I stood
on vast barren plain surrounded by mountains,
and saw strange face mirrored by a dark pool
that reflects rays of light from the bright sun.

Gazing down at my own face in dark pool,
while breathing deep the air I cannot see,
I realized with a laugh in gleaming light
no supernatural being created this world,
for I see no other beings in this world
except for mortal men with eyes that see,
hands that create things or kill other people,
and tongues that shape mind-visions into words.

If all-powerful and all-good God was real
he would have created a perfect world
where we would know pleasure and never pain,
where we would act with love and never hate,
and where light alone would sustain our souls
instead of meat from flesh of living beings.

Yet my father is that all-powerful God
for he created the view of the world
I once saw in my mind when I was young,
but now I create my own new world view
based on my own mundane experience
while exploring the landscape of desire.

My father invented concept of God
as goal of perfect self we should attain
so we can transcend world of pain and death,
but I need no illusion of good God
as separate being who manages the world
to know I should treat people with kind care,
yet vision of a good Man who gives love
can guide my way on quest for living right.

In turn, my son, I am all-powerful God
who creates the view of the world that glows
in your mind as you set forth on your quest,
so go and explore the world like I did
to create your own view of how things are,
then teach your own son everything you learn.

The old man and his son gaze at the stars
that glimmer bright over the mountain range,
and listen to wind whispering over waves
that ripple through their faces in dark pool.

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