Thursday, April 27, 2017

Authentic Rules

Authentic Rules
© Surazeus
2017 04 27

The teenage girl holds camera to her face
and snaps a photograph of the street scene
to capture the true spirit of the place
that highlights drama of man and machine.

She walks backward over the cement bridge,
searching for the perfect angle of fact
that might reveal soul of the ancient witch
who avoids having to make eye contact.

Before she falls into the void of death,
she pauses, staring down at her new face,
then dives into dream while holding her breath
and flies nowhere on wings with practiced grace.

The crocodile transformed into a car
leaps alive when she turns the crystal key
and glides slow with eyes blinking like a star
that gleams on the crown of Queen Liberty.

Approaching cathedral that has no doors,
she photographs shadows where devils lurk
to find the world where crippled angel soars
who will invent a new world-view framework.

Ten thousand children without dreaming eyes
tear white robes while singing hymns in the choir
yet teenage girl drinks wine to win the prize
for the story she wrote about gunfire.

Her blinking eyes magnify hidden truth
that people always seem to require kings
to organize their labor in communes
where blind women sew new angelic wings.

She waves her magic wand with gleaming jewel
that freezes preacher before he spews lies,
then leads exploring children back to school
where she teaches them all how to be spies.

But when she is walking to the book store
she sees weird scarlet fox slip through the light,
so she leaps through the locked cathedral door,
hoping that he will give her second sight.

On entering the Pantheon super dome,
she lays photographs on table of dreams
that reveal secrets of the happy home
where children play hide and seek by clear streams.

While Oden contemplates each photograph
she erases author name from each book
that glows in the library where crows laugh
because truth is stored where we never look.

Though Pythagoras argued human souls
beam back to stars to swim in sea of light
we will die though we invent living goals
hidden in the coded visions we write.

Eager hope urges me to question why
our bodies suffer diseases and pain
though many people believe in the sky
lives a powerful god who weeps the rain.

So teenage girl in long black skirt and blouse
laughs at the joke that no one comprehends,
then stands alone inside the empty house,
watching ghosts design latest social trends.

I want to see the real world behind light
and calculate the process of this act
I perform to capture image of right
that proves the perfect mask I wear is cracked.

Emerging from the mists of Avalon,
the teenage girl who forgot her own name
explains to God why she must travel on
and learn authentic rules of the chess game.

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