Friday, April 28, 2017

Code Of Waves

Code Of Waves
© Surazeus
2017 04 28

I am walking on smooth slippery stones
of the ocean beach in wild Oregon,
watching the sun thread soul-light in my bones
at the infinite flash of silent dawn,
when young girl riding her elegant fawn
comes down from the sky with stars in her hand
and weaves within my brain the code of waves.

I see she is the spirit of the land
so I step forward on rainbow of light
and seem to soar on wind above the strand
as if I just now gained the power of flight,
but I can not speak at the glorious sight
of ten thousand eyes beaming from her mind
to illustrate the secret code of waves.

I hold out my hand when the stars align
to give her the seed I found on the beach
where long strawberry vines grow intertwined
with the dancing wood letters of my speech,
but her soul beams forever beyond reach
when she vanishes in wind of my words
that fail to explicate true code of waves.

I stumble in the grove, where sharp tweets of birds
pierce the throbbing passion of my wild heart,
and watch the quick galloping of horse herds
who swirl wide around my abandoned cart,
so I stop to consult my secret chart
which reveals the way to old treasure cave,
hoping to discover new code of waves.

I stare at runes I carved on polished stave
to comprehend the true nature of fruit,
composed of light and rain, that I still crave,
and eat in ruined temple where the flute
I played lies broken on abandoned route,
so I wait for death to devour my soul
and integrate me with the code of waves.

I sense vibration from the cosmic whole
as if invisible eye watches me
and wonder if my key will fit its hole
and open code of waves that weave the sea
because I would rather fight to live free
though I hide in the mansion of my tree
which sends roots deep into the code of waves.

I wander nowhere on vast spinning globe
and build ten thousand cities from wet mud
complete with library under high lobe
where blind prophet writes verses with his blood
in scroll that gets lost in torrential flood
while children play in the meadow of grain
which they harvest to bake in code of waves.

I accept jewels she inserts in my brain
though I wish for genuine sky-walking wings,
then walk with silence in cold drizzling rain
to find the hilltop where nameless bride sings
but sit in church when the broken bell rings
though I follow Liberty as my queen
who teaches me eternal code of waves.

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  1. Thank you for this reflection in the code of the waves.