Friday, April 21, 2017

Girl Who Invented Stars

Girl Who Invented Stars
© Surazeus
2017 04 21

"I invented stars that glow in our cells
for their light fuels flash of our consciousness."

Quick flock of birds swoops along curving beach
of white sand on flow of green blustering wind
above young girl in red dress whose blue eyes
see constellations that map ancient stars.

Pointing to vast round universe of light,
she whispers sea breeze in my shell-coiled ear.
"Time is ever-flowing motion of atoms
when molecules that pulse with energy
spiral through process of chemical change."

Warm ancient flames that flicker from her heart
spark seeds in my skin to grow into trees,
and then she smiles when her slender hand plucks
apples from my eye to feast on my dreams.

Clutching serpent that tried to bite my hand,
I calculate how bolt of lightning weaves
flashing molecules of stars in my brain.
"I pledge my heart to guard you from all harm
and bring in baskets fresh food you request."

Enormous thunder cloud floats in calm peace
over glass-smooth bay of obsidian rocks
as rays of sunset gleam red on vast sea
that ripples waves of love across my heart.

Pressing her warm cheek on my cheek, she laughs.
"I think that black cloud over distant hills
looks like the bright-eyed wolf with bushy tail
who leaped beside you when you hunted woods.
I saw her smile when you looked in her eyes."

Seven streaks of light flash across the sky
when meteor, plunging into sea of air,
fragments into flames of aching despair
that reflect gold stars in gem of my eye.

Young girl in red dress, hair blown by sea breeze,
grips my face, like Eve gripped fruit of desire
on Tree of Knowledge, and transforms its shape
fish to lizard to weasel to chimpanzee,
molding mask of my self from savage beast
to glorious angel in process of growth
over two billion years from single cell
with nucleus to wise human with a brain.

"We are savage animals who transcend
drive of hunger to kill and copulate,
though this body of flesh limits our lust
to function within bounds of dreaming hope."

Leaving me in cavern near ocean shore
with orders not to move till she returns,
my mother walks into wild blustering wind
to gather strawberries and serpent eggs,
but she never returns for thirty days,
so I leave the cave to walk wind-swept dunes
and find her body stiff in tufts of grass.

From look of anguish molded in her face,
as soulless eyes stare blank at empty sky,
I realize with horror that shocks my heart
sly serpent bit her leg while she stole eggs.

Snatching serpent eggs from small hidden nests,
I return to cavern by roaring sea
and feast on stew brewed from mushrooms and eggs,
so my skin glows green in silver moonlight.

Eternal spirit of First Mother glows
through my eyes when I dwell in sea-side cave
two million times Earth spins around the sun
since girl who invented stars never dies.

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