Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Croesus Counts Sand

Croesus Counts Sand
© Surazeus
2017 04 26

Gold sunlight on the lake reveals true face
we hide behind mask of money and fame
since no one can claim ownership of space
so we must each invent our secret name.

When Saturn spins on wings of shining jewels
above the constellation, at midnight,
of Sagittarius, will arrogant fools
attempt to sell us free water and light.

Though flowers bloom in light of April moon
where river on this spinning rondure flows,
and girls in white gowns sing a merry tune,
the old blind king may claim he owns the Rose.

Great leaders of nations, ruling with truth,
are often followed by tyrants and clowns
who will try to enslave us care-free youth
by charging rent to live in our own towns.

Ten million people who all lost their eyes
follow the signless road in search for wealth
unaware we create our paradise
by joining the vast global commonwealth.

This wild chaotic show of human lust
we call civilization is ruled by God
invented by men who betrayed our trust
and tried to enslave our minds with the rod.

No director waving scepter of wisdom
manages our daily lives with insight
but we play mindless robots of the system
who fly to Heaven on the stringless kite.

The little girl with twinkling silver eyes
arranges blocks of letters on her desk
to communicate secrets with blind spies
who play their roles in political burlesque.

Soon Raven of Justice will come to me
where I slouch forlorn by river of hope
and inspire me to fight for Liberty
by watching stars flash through my telescope.

Counting the sand on the shores of the sea,
Croesus crowns himself emperor of the world,
but we drive him from the land of the free
and reclaim truth with Stars and Stripes unfurled.

I ask blind Pythia in Castalian Cave
where I will find true treasure of my soul
so she explains both particle and wave
compose true nature of the vibrant whole.

The young girl who wants to play movie star
films herself dancing by the gleaming lake
but witch explains, if you want to go far
you must outwit the spell-enchanting snake.

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