Monday, April 10, 2017

Home Of My Heart

Home Of My Heart
© Surazeus
2017 04 10

White ice that glitters on gray mountain peak
reveals true secret of the broken wing
left behind by the mute angel of faith
who weeps blind on the shore of the bright lake
because I am lost from home of my heart.

The first tribe that conquered another tribe
started chain reaction of conquering war
that pushed conquered people to wander lost
till they conquered another peaceful tribe
in rippling waves of conquest that has spread
across the world over ten thousand years.

Since we were driven from our first homeland
in the lush valley where rivers flow clear
we wandered every generation west
forever searching for new fertile vale
to call our home another hundred years
before another tribe of people appeared
and drove us away with their sticks and stones.

I am descended from the conquerors
and the conquered they married after war,
generating children that merged their tribes
in new tribe that conquered more fertile lands
through endless rippling waves of war and peace.

We built towers of stone as fortress haven
with surrounding walls cut from mountain bone
to protect ourselves and our families
safe inside heaven of organized city,
lead by the man who wears the ring of gold,
but scattered again from old crumbling walls,
like trees that sprout from hard shell of their seeds,
expanding from castles to nation-states.

Now that our world is connected in web
of car roadways, telephone lines, and cables
of computer networks, linking our minds
in global community, I can fly
airplane over high mountains and vast seas,
far from the nameless land where I was born,
and return to the legendary lands
where my ancestors lived ten thousand years.

I want to stand in each vale by the lake
or on the meadow by the flowing river
where one of my ancestors long ago
stood under blue sky and gazed at green hills
and listened to wind whispering in the trees,
transcendent memory that glows in my dreams.

Yet to visit every vale where they lived
entire lives before their children moved on,
forced to migrate because of famine or war,
or urged to travel in search of new wealth,
I would have to sojourn on half the globe,
stopping in every town along the way
from Egypt to Oregon on my quest
to follow their footsteps on journey west.

Each ancestor who left homeland behind
journeyed across wilderness of desire
till they found new haven to call their home,
so all the homelands my ancestors claimed
are now the homes of strangers who claim land,
while I wander on homeless down the road,
because no paradise is permanent.

Now I can claim all the world of lush lands
from Egypt to Oregon where they lived
as my homeland, for all their memories
of living in each valley by cool stream
sparkles with timeless joy within my dreams,
so wherever I roam my heart is my home.

I am the wolf that roams across the land,
racing through cool groves of wind-dancing trees,
trotting on the beach where ocean waves roar,
and climbing high mountain to stand alone
on narrow peak that juts into vast sky,
and gazes far across this spinning globe.

I am seven billion people alive
now on this spinning speck of dust that twirls
through vast empy space as we spiral swift
around the gleaming sun that shoots through space,
singing as we reach our arms to the stars.

White ice that shimmers on sharp mountain peak
reflects true face I hide behind my mask
while I mend my broken wing with sunlight,
then continue journey around the world,
for now this whole world is home of my heart.

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