Friday, April 7, 2017

Guardians Of Liberty

Guardians Of Liberty
© Surazeus
2017 04 07

Lightning flashes over vast fields of wheat.
Silver missiles soar from ships on the sea
and glide over desert hills where storm gods
danced six thousand years before I was born
to blast temples into shards of despair.
We are noble warriors for Liberty.

The orange cat on a fence stares down at me.
The beautiful Sphinx opens silver eyes
and beams sunlight through mirror of my heart
to show me how the swirling universe
shimmers in waves across eternity.
We are watchful guardians of Liberty.

Waves wear diamond mountains down to beach sand.
Young Fairy Queen on high cliff of white chalk
gazes through specious veil of swirling mist
from Avalon Island to survey the world,
and founds great empire of America.
We are naive angels of Liberty.

Tales of life glow on television screens.
Small army of poets marching for peace
wave pencils like magic wands to cast spells
that beam visions before eyes of the people
to celebrate growth of democracy.
We are chanting prophets of Liberty.

The child finds feathers from an angel wing.
The old man writes stories on crackling leaves
that reveal complex secrets of the heart
till wind disperses legends of our lives
so we slouch mute and wait for the world war.
We are wordless shamans of Liberty.

The tongueless prophet sits on White House lawn.
His ancestors for a thousand years built
castles of stone high on ten thousand hills
to protect children in garden of fruit
so wind whistles in hollow of their skulls.
We are loyal servants of Liberty.

The eagle clutches dead snake in its claws.
The Eagle King and the Bear King unite
vast empires to play chess with working people
then stand together in cathedral hall
to drink our blood and worship their dead god.
We are desperate rebels for Liberty.

The car engine purrs on signless highway.
My ancestors journeyed west with the sun
ten thousand years Egypt to Oregon
while I travel east, soaring in the sky,
to stand on pyramid of silent wind.
We are wise explorers for Liberty.

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