Sunday, April 9, 2017

All Our Gods

All Our Gods
© Surazeus
2017 04 09

One hundred billion galaxies, that gleam
within the scope of powerful telescopes,
each encompass one hundred billion stars,
so, if but one percent of all those stars
pulses just large enough to generate
warm circumstellar habitable zone,
then one hundred quintillion planets
in all the universe of swirling light,
support liquid water inside air bubble
that nourishes organic life of plants
and animals which evolve complex brains
for conscious creatures to develop language.

How many of those planets in vast space
are scenes of civilizations of creatures
that develop from small tribes of explorers
and expand into large unified empires
who compose stories about their ancestors
and worship their greatest people as gods?

The talking monkeys who came down from trees,
and transformed into humans who make tools,
contend with each other in brutal wars
over which arrogant tribe will control
our little Earth, this speck of sparkling dust,
just one of one hundred quintillion globes,
which spirals alone in expanse of space.

Why have we spent the past ten thousand years,
on this one globe in the vast universe,
fighting about which human tribal king
worshipped as supernatural god
should better represent the Ideal Man?

All the religions of our world began
in land of Sumer where wise Ishtar
first organized festival of good harvest,
then stood on ziggurat beneath full moon
to sing spells that beamed visions in our eyes
presenting how our universe was born
from flash of light that congealed into sun
which nourishes life on our little world.

Why do we fight over which book of tales
better describes the true nature of things,
tales written by scribes back in the bronze age
when warrior kings commissioned them to write
stories that glorify them as great gods,
though they were never more than tribal kings
who organized gangs of lost angry men
to build empires based on their founding myths
now venerated as their holy scriptures?

Rather than thousands of contending sects,
that each worship founding father as god,
one world religion might evolve from wars
to contain all gods in unified sect,
so every god is prophet of deep insight
venerated in temple of world truth.

Therefore Amen, Ra, Anu, Asshur, Deva,
Zoroaster, Abraham, Brahma, Zeus,
Apollo, Judah, Bacchus, Moses, Buddha,
Rishabha, Shiva, Krishna, Kungfutsu,
Laotsu, Jesus, Mohamed, Bahaullah,
Odin, Luther, Gandhi, and many more,
all stand side by side as teachers of wisdom
and prophets equal in one world religion.

Our world is but one globe of thriving life,
one out of one hundred quintillion worlds,
so we should place our gods all in one fane,
and celebrate their success to explain
mysteries of this weird world and how it works,
based on objective methods of research
that reveal fundamental laws of nature.

Billions of worlds thrive in the universe,
nourishing conscious creatures just like us
who develop complex civilizations,
yet people on our insignificant world
spend thousands of years fighting petty wars
over which sect that thrived in desert hills
wrote the best myths about powerful gods.

All wise prophets who were worshipped as gods
belong to one world religion we share,
wise teachers on our little speck of dust
that glitters in vast emptiness of space,
so we form circles on lush river shore
to hold hands and sing hymns for all our gods.

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