Friday, April 14, 2017

Carnival Of Lost Souls

Carnival Of Lost Souls
© Surazeus
2017 04 14

Green lights blink on large ferris wheel that spins
in warm night sky over small country town
along the river where boats sail no more
like spiral galaxy which nourishes
billions of worlds where talking creatures sing
when they attend carnival of lost souls.

Though Pythagoras tries to convince me
our souls beam up to stars on crystal shells
to shimmer with eternal god of light,
I know my consciousness is nothing more
than virtual world glowing in neuron web
when I enter carnival of lost souls.

While serious clowns join the collective mind,
mad prophet rides bicycle backwards fast,
declaring the king is a greedy pig,
then runs away to live in mountain cave
where he sings weird poems to spiders and crows
when he escapes carnival of lost souls.

Oberon takes hand of Ophelia
and leads her running through the spinning wheel
to cross Rainbow Bridge over vast abyss,
escaping ruins of America
to find secret magic land of Zarathi
when they evade carnival of lost souls.

The pig king builds a giant border wall
to stop all angels entering paradise
but Saturn twirls scepter he forged from fire
to smash the wall of thorns that traps our minds
with blinding lie of resurrected god
when he controls carnival of lost souls.

Before Ophelia can steal gold crown,
that Melusine dropped on yellow brick road,
quick Oberon gazes in Book of Truth
to memorize calculations in code
that explain how archetypes interact
to bind chemicals in genetic coils
when we record carnival of lost souls.

While Oberon hangs jewels on Christmas tree,
Solarius leads me to mountain cave
where he trains me how to smelt stone with fire,
so I forge sword that slices beams of light
revealing secret names that people hide
when they ignore carnival of lost souls.

Since everyone finds the mate they desire,
the mad prophet wanders alone on shore
of ancient river, where we first emerged
to pluck succulent fruit from tree of life,
and sings till green jewels replace his eyes
when he directs carnival of lost souls.

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