Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winds Of Truth

Winds Of Truth
© Surazeus
2015 11 24

Fresh winds of truth about nature of life,
that we are formed from pulsing carbon rings,
at last blows away the foul smoke of lies,
that Jesus returns to raise all from death,
which billows from hellish flames of cruel hate
sparked by vicious attacks of Christian kings
who lead terrorists to invade lush lands
and kill all who refuse their futile faith.

Their brutal soul-crushing yoke of false faith
we throw off in revolution of truth
to free our minds from their barbarous lies
that Jesus offers all eternal life
who bow obedient before human priests
who threaten death by fire of painful fear.

Jesus is dead, and all his royal sons,
who enforced their oppressive rule with swords
these past two thousand years of blinding fear,
we overthrow in constant revolution
of world wars, breaking chains of nationalist pride
to bind all people of our spinning world
in United Nations of peaceful love.

Discard old theist lies of the sky king
who threatens damnation against free-thinkers
and promises eternal life to fools
who obey without question his harsh rules,
for we are all that wake with consciousness
and we create real heaven on this world
by working together for common good.

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