Monday, November 16, 2015

Immortal Soul Of Genes

Immortal Soul Of Genes
© Surazeus
2015 11 15

When I strip away all the masks of being
that seem to define this person I am,
my name, my character, my race, my gender,
my skin, my muscles, and even my bones,
and dive down into my hot streaming blood
to ride floating disk into pulsing heart
at the tangled core of my dreaming brain,
in search for that indestructible thing
that constitutes my most essential self,
I find spiraling coils of blinking genes.
Am I that infinite spiraling coil
of Deoxyribonucleic acid
composed of pulsing molecules that link
nucleotides of carbonated sugars
who first assembled around sparkling rings
of vibrating carbon in sloshing sea
of hungry desire that seethed against shores
of mute mountains billions of years ago?
These spinning carbon rings assemble parts
of glowing molecules in spiral coil
that replicates itself when it divides
and attracts more molecules to create
immortal soul of constant pulsing life
who multiplies through countless generations
of organic bodies when sperm and egg
commingle through quick metamorphosis
and will reincarnate again in flesh
our bodies in children we generate.
God is immortal soul of genes who lives
beyond our deaths when we reincarnate
in children born again from pleasant lust
for we emerge in perpetual rebirth
from First Mother in continuous flow
of regeneration life after life
as we transform each life from single cell
over billions of years to human shape.
When I search for indestructible self
at core of my being, I find glowing gene
that was first born billions of years ago,
lives in this temporary frame of self,
and seeks replication in reborn children
through urgent passion of sweet copulation,
so though this body of my conscious self
deteriorates through experience of life
and will disintegrate to spinning atoms
at scattering of death, immortal gene
of Inner God lives again in my children,
so I see God when I look in their eyes.
Deep within bottomless abyss of self,
find immortal soul of God in our genes.

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