Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gods On This World

Gods On This World
© Surazeus
2015 11 28

Locked blind in hard trunk of the ancient oak,
Merlin watches history of mankind play
on mirror of eyes that Vivien holds
who makes greedy kings dance on puppet strings.

Since men first elected their wisest mind
to organize their hunt for food and drink,
she whispers with voice of apple-tree snake,
leaders proclaim themselves gods on this world.

Turning his face away from flickering screen
of television, where drama of power
explodes in wars over Garden of Eden,
Merlin refuses to prophesy truth.

Men gather followers in courts of law
and lead grim armies with weapons of death
to slaughter men they say worship false gods,
and crown themselves divine gods on this world.

I killed the wild boy Igraine gave to me,
and placed my own son on gold throne of power,
who gathered at the Round Table of law
gang of policemen to right every wrong.

For ten thousand years men who rule their tribes
play god with social power of life and death,
and crown their sons to maintain legacy
of national power as gods on this world.

Through forest of mist where shadows of fear
clash blades of hate to control women and land
Merlin wanders in labyrinth of hope
that gods kill each other and leave men free.

Vivien hisses deep in his shivering ear,
kill old king and crown me queen of this world,
and I will bear live from my fertile womb
noble warrior who will rule this whole world.

Arthur leads warriors to ring of tall stones,
and proclaims, I am descended from Jesus,
so worship me as god who rules this world,
or I will kill you all, brute sons of Odin.

Odin presents his daughter, Gwenivere,
and exclaims, crown my daughter as your queen,
and crown your son as both Godin and Christ,
so he will unite our tribes as one nation.

In moonlight dance fairies and men all night,
drinking cider that sparkles with starlight,
while Arthur and Gwenivere reign together,
Bear King and Wolf Queen of Avilion.

Marians and Franks merged into one tribe
when Pharamundus and Argotta wed
and danced in misty woods of Toxandria
till enemies through marriage became friends.

Anglos and Saxons merged into one tribe
when bold Belenus and Iduna wed
and danced in misty woods of Gothinia
till enemies through marriage became friends.

Anglo-Saxons invaded Avilion,
and fought children of Brigid many years,
till their rulers, Arthur and Gwenivere,
united their tribes as gods on this world.

I see Merlin when I look in the mirror,
so I strum harp strings and chant ancient spells,
while wondering how my tribe lost their way
and forgot how we marry every tribe.

Merlin breaks from the oak of ancient dreams
and wanders Manhattan in swirling mist,
but bright words of his prophecy are lost,
muffled by endless roar of motor cars.

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